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The Housekeeping Services Department of Facilities Services consists of a staff that is dedicated to providing a clean and comfortable environment for the entire Bryn Mawr Community. Our staff covers all academic and administrative buildings and residence halls. The daily task of our staff include cleaning of common areas, classrooms, office and restrooms, trash and recycling collection, and assisting with event setups. Cleaning schedules are based on access to space and frequency of used.  No housekeeping services are provided in student rooms. 

Students, living in all campus housing, are responsible for removing their own trash and recycling from their rooms and depositing the items in the common collection points located throughout the buildings. Students are expected to clean up after themselves in the common areas including bathrooms and tea pantries.

Students are required to keep College-issued furniture and all personal belongings within the confines of their room. No items are permitted to be stored in the hallways and/or stairwells as these are emergency egresses. Housekeeping regularly cleans these spaces and will discard any items left there.

Housekeeping provides and maintains a vacuum cleaner for each hall group. HA’s or members of the DLT are responsible for providing access to the communal vacuum cleaner.

Our Hours

Our staff is on duty 7 days per week to handle routine cleaning of dorms as well as handling any emergencies that may occur.  Our staffing is reduced on Saturday and Sunday with shorter working hours. For immediate needs during normal business hours, please contact us 610-526-7930.

  Normal Business Hours
Academic/Administrative Bldgs 5 am to 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday
Residential Halls 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday

After Hours or Emergencies: After 5 pm or on weekends, emergencies may be called in to Campus Safety at 610-526-7911.