Our Departments

If you need assistance, please complete the Service Request Form at the bottom of the page.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:  With our focus on maintaining everyone’s health and safety while also ensuring your comfort and wellbeing, we have modified our service approach.  Our staff will be masked per the College requirements.  If you are in your room/office when our staff arrives, you will need to be masked.  You will be asked to step out of your room/office while our staff performs the requested/required work.  Please note, that if you wish to schedule a specific day/time for the work to occur, this may delay the service response time.  Emergency/urgent work cannot be scheduled.

Facilities' services include maintenance such as painting, locks and keys, and heating, plumbing, and electrical repairs. Facilities also provides housekeeping services, caretaking of the College's grounds, provision of faculty housing, and large campus-wide planning and construction projects.