College Budget Committee

The College Budget Committee gives guidance during the annual budget process.  The Committee has representatives from all College constituencies: faculty, staff, students, and administration.

The Committee meets several times during the academic year.

College Budget Committee 2019-20

Convener: Kari Fazio, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer

Penny Armstrong CAP representative
Macalester Bell Faculty Welfare Representative
Zainab Bilal SGA Co-Treasurer
Christine Boyland Staff Association Representative
Katie Breyer GSAS Student Representative
Sharon Burgmayer Dean, GSAS
Kim Cassidy President
Christine D'Ascenzo Staff Association Representative
Billie Jo Ember Staff Association Representative
Susanna Fioratta Faculty Welfare Representative
Michelle Francl Committee on Appointments, Chair
Cheryl Lynn Horsey Chief Enrollment Officer
Daniela Lopez Lopez '20 SGA President
Yesenia Mendez Pacheco '21 SGA Co-Treasurer
Robert Miller Chief Alumnae Relations and Development Officer
Lauren Montemuro-Rode GSSWSR Student Representative
Thomas Mozdzer Faculty Welfare Representative
Mary Osirim Provost
Jennifer Russell Staff Association Representative
Janet Shapiro Dean, GSSWSR
Junie Sok '21 SGA Vice President
Tijana Stefanovic Controller
Jennifer Walters Dean of the Undergraduate College
Arlo Weil Faculty Welfare Representative

Finance Key Contacts