First-Year Experience - Thrive


Bryn Mawr College's first-year student experience is designed to empower and support students, and to make them feel right at home on campus.

First-Year Experience - Thrive 2

Empowered & Supported

All first-year students enroll into THRIVE, Bryn Mawr's first-year college transition and life skills course.

The THRIVE Program is a 10-week PE-credit-bearing course that assists the first-year class in getting to know the community, their peers, and themselves while also helping build their personal tool kits for success with academic, communal, and social resources and strategies.

Through THRIVE, Bryn Mawr students are better connected to campus staff, upperclass students, and the resources that they will need throughout their Bryn Mawr careers.

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Bryn Mawr 101

A Summer 2019 story in the Alumnae Bulletin magazine provides insight into Bryn Mawr College's THRIVE transition and life skills course.