International Coordinating Council and Subcommittees

The International Coordinating Council is the overarching body charged with taking a broad, cross-institutional view of Bryn Mawr’s international work. Its primary function is to think comprehensively about the overall nature and impact of the College’s global learning efforts. To this end, the ICC collects and shares information on these efforts, considers issues that cross-cut them, suggests ways they might support or intersect with each other, proposes or deliberates possible new initiatives, and responds to challenges the College faces with respect to global learning.

The ICC is supported by the work of the two committees.

  • Global Learning Experience — pursues a comprehensive approach to the College’s many forms of study abroad and overseas experience and explores possibilities for enabling interested departments to develop international pathways for their students and for linking departments in interdisciplinary endeavors. 
  • International Students Planning and Programming — strengthens campus programming to support the College’s international student population and enhance global dialogue.  

*Please check the Global Bryn Mawr Moodle page for committees' meeting agendas and minutes, MOUs, partnerships, and other information. 

Associate Dean for Global Engagement: Professor Alice Lesnick

International Action Plan Committees 2023-24

International Coordinating Council

Janet Shapiro
Carol Hager
Samara A. Sit
Cheryl Horsey
Reggie Jones
Kate Morro
Katie Krimmel
Millie Bond
Veronica Montes
Patti Lausch
Tracy Weber
Billie Jo Ember
Kirsten O'Beirne
Agnès Peysson-Zeiss
Vanessa Petroj 
Xuemei Cheng 
Sara Wallace 

Penny Armstrong 
Chair: Alice Lesnick 


Global Learning Experience

Rudy Le Menthéour
Sarah Theobald
Ellie Stanford
Jennifer Prudencio
Tracy Weber
Tamarah Moss
Chanelle Wilson (on leave AY 2023-2024)
Sara Wallace
Alice Lesnick 
Chairs: Billie Jo Ember and Agnès Peysson-Zeiss



International Students Planning and Programming

Richard Clow
Reggie Jones
Angie Sheets
Kate Morro
Jennifer Russell
Vanessa Petroj
Mary Beth Horvath
Jen Callaghan
Liv Raddatz
Alice Lesnick 
Chair: Patti Lausch