International Travel Resources

Bryn Mawr College’s approach to global learning integrates study, action and reflection, on and off campus. The College takes a collaborative, interdisciplinary, institution-wide approach to coordinating global experiences. For members of the community who choose to engage in international travel as part of their global experience, the College provides the resources below to help promote a travel experience that is safe, productive and successful, and to highlight some potential areas of concern of which College community members must be aware, both in deciding whether to travel and during travel.

Questions regarding travel preparation and resources while traveling should be directed to the College department and/or individual coordinating the travel experience, and can also be directed to Professor Alice Lesnick, Associate Dean for Global Engagement:

Critical Incident Response Process

A Critical Incident is an event that necessitates emergency medical care, challenges the travel itinerary, or poses a threat of harm to an individual or the group traveling.

Any individual experiencing or learning of a Critical Incident during a travel experience should immediately call the College’s Campus Safety Department at 1-610-526-7911 and convey the critical nature of the call. Campus Safety will gather as much information as the caller has available at the time and will notify the appropriate College administrator(s) who will coordinate the response.  

Additional Information