As a service, HPAO maintains files of letters of recommendation for students or alums who are applying for graduate study in the health professions. Typically, students ask for recommendations from individuals who can address their work and their qualifications for study in their field of choice. 

Programs vary in the procedures for submitting recommendations.

  • Some programs —– such as medical and dental — require a committee letter, so students should talk with the Health Professions Advisor for information about procedures.
  • Some programs require recommenders upload their letters directly to a portal or to a centralized application service.   

As you plan ahead and consider recommendations, especially if you are graduating and plan to take time before applying to health professions schools, contact Gail Glicksman, Assistant Dean for Health Professions Advising. 

Recommendation Requests: Applicants must give a signed copy of the Recommendation Request Form to each recommender, and the recommender must return a signed copy of the form along with a signed recommendation letter on letterhead to the Office of Health Professions Advising either via email at or by intramural or surface mail. Letters of recommendation for medical and dental school are due by June 1 of the application year.

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