Bryn Mawr offers many resources for students and alums applying for medical and other health professions. Through workshops and individual advising, we help students learn about application procedures and time frames. We provide committee letters for students applying to the schools that require them, including medical and dental schools. Consult the Health Professions Advisor for the procedures to prepare a committee letter.   We help students consider the optimal time frame for their applications. For some, that might be preparing during junior year to be considered to enter graduate school immediately after graduation. For others, that might be preparing for a Glide Year between college and graduate school. Whenever a Bryn Mawr student or alum plans to apply, the Health Professions Advisor is available to offer assistance — from consider programs, offering feedback on application materials, preparing for interviews, considering financial issues, and deciding among offers of admission.

This page offering workshop materials and other resources is password protected; contact the Office of Health Professions Advising for information on accessing that information.

Recommendation Requests: Applicants must give a signed copy of the Recommendation Request Form to each recommender, and the recommender must return a signed copy of the form along with a signed recommendation letter on letterhead to the Office of Health Professions Advising. Letters of recommendation for medical and dental school are due by June 1 of the application year.

Admissions Statistics: Learn about Bryn Mawr graduates' success rates and trends when applying to medical school, dental school, and more.

Whatever your stage in considering graduate study in the health professions, consult the Health Professions Advisor for help navigating the journey.

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