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Virtual Info Sessions: For Prehealth Students in the Classes of '22, '23, and '24 Prepare for Preregistration

Info and Q and A as you Consider Preregistering for Classes for Fall 2021! 

Questions? Contact Gail Glicksman, Assistant Dean for Health Professions Advising at

Premed/Prehealth Stress and Wellness

  • What is "premed/prehealth stress"? What factors fuel it?
  • How are premed/prehealth students approaching and transcending it? Her from two Bryn Mawr premed students.
  • What resources are medical schools developing to help students counter "med student stress"?
  • Ample time for Q & A (Questions and Answers)!
  • Join us as for myth-busting and de-stressing!  


Bryn Mawr's Health Professions Advisor for Undergrads and Alums and

Two Bryn Mawr Premed Students

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 ----- 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm ET 

Via Zoom

In honor of Bryn Mawr's WELLNESS EDUCATION WEEK 2021!

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