Daycare Assistance

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Bryn Mawr College offers this program to employees which provides in-home backup childcare and adult care at a subsidized hourly rate.  The care is provided in your home, at the home of the adult needing care, and also offers in-center backup childcare at a subsidized daily rate.

Backup care is available during the day or evening, seven days a week.  Services are provided by

Backup Child Care

Backup childcare can be used in situations such as

  • During school vacations and holidays
  • When your child is ill and cannot go to school or to childcare
  • When you have to work late or on weekends
  • When your childcare provider goes on vacation, is ill, or quits unexpectedly
  • Anytime you have a gap in your regularly scheduled childcare arrangements and you need to work

Backup Adult Care

Backup adult care can be used in situations such as

  • When a family member needs assistance with dressing, bathing and ambulation and the regular care provider is unavailable
  • When a family member is waiting for an opening in an assisted living facility
  • When a family member needs help getting to doctor’s appointments
  • When a family member is recuperating at home from surgery
  • When an elder family member is getting confused and needs a watchful eye
  • Anytime when you have a gap in your family care arrangements
  • When you need assistance due to an illness


Care is available day or evening of any day. Sometimes they can locate a caregiver in as little as an hour or two, but the more time you give them the more likely they can make a successful match.

Twenty-four hours is usually sufficient notice for child care. Please allow as much notice a possible for adult care, which may require an assessment visit prior to services.

  • Call at 855-781-1303 or use the Care@Work app on your phone to book care on the go
  • Identify yourself as an employee of Bryn Mawr College and discuss your caregiver needs
  • will identify a caregiver who meets your needs and call you with this information
  • The caregiver will call you to confirm the details
  • Once the care is completed for the day, your credit card will be charged
  • services calls 24/7, so you can reach a person on the phone at any time

Costs and Limitations

The College is subsidizing some of the cost of this service to offer you a more reasonable hourly rate.

  • Cost: $9 per hour for in-home care
  • Four-hour minimum per day, so a $36 minimum charge per day
  • You may use a maximum of 15 days of backup care each calendar year
  • You may not use more than two consecutive weeks at a time or use this benefit for ongoing care
  • $15/ child /day for in-center care

You can call their toll-free number at 800-688-4697 for questions about the service as well as to arrange care.