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Selected LITS projects that are particularly large, highly visible or impactful to the Bryn Mawr community.

MISO Survey

The MISO Survey report is based on Bryn Mawr and national data collected via a web-based quantitative survey. The survey is designed to measure how faculty, students and staff view the library and computing services, and the report focuses on key areas of interest at Bryn Mawr as well as national trends.

Digital Bryn Mawr Task Force Report

Bryn Mawr's Board of Trustees conducted a task force on Digital Bryn Mawr from fall 2011 through spring 2014. The Digital Bryn Mawr Task Force report documents a set of recommendations that emerged from the process, focused on academics, digital external relations, and foundational investments in infrastructure, tools, and expertise. The recommendations all support three high-level goals:

  • Enabling digital fluency for students, faculty and staff
  • Continuing to develop appropriate uses of technology for the liberal arts context
  • Experimenting, assessing, learning, iterating – striving to be agile

Operationalizing the Digital Bryn Mawr priorities on campus has included creation of Bryn Mawr's new Digital Competencies Framework and integration of the competencies into curricular and co-curricular contexts for students, investment in Bryn Mawr's signature Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts program, and development of a digital scholarship program that engaged students, faculty, and staff in shared research projects published in contemporary forms. Digital Bryn Mawr goals inform priorities of LITS and the College as we continue to ensure that students are well-prepared for life and work in the digital age.

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