360º + Museum Studies Collaborations at Bryn Mawr College

Exhibitions organized by students in 360º Course Clusters with Museum Studies seminars

​​​​​Special Collections and its Museum Studies program often team up with the 360º program to produce interdisciplinary course clusters. In some of these 360º course clusters, the Museum Studies course produces an exhibition at the College. In others, the course exposes students to museum professionals and their skill-sets, including conservation care, scientific analysis, collection cataloguing, among others.

Cohorts of students, faculty, and allied professionals work and study together to consider a complex topic from multiple disciplinary and experiential perspectives. Our undergraduates use that knowledge to produce original scholarship in the form of an exhibition of primary sources, working directly with objects held in Special Collections and other local institutions. These unique 360º opportunities have become a signature interdisciplinary and collaborative program for the College. 

Another 360° + Museum Studies Collaboration

Biennials & Conservation 360° considers the ways in which an artwork's exhibition and its care structure its meaning in complex ways

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