Fall Early Return and Winter Break Housing

Winter Break Housing Application

Winter break housing applications are due Friday, Nov. 18, 2022, at 9 a.m. Click above to access the application.

Winter Break Housing

Rhoads serves as the winter break housing dorm. Any student who is here over break will be assigned to stay in Rhoads. Since housing over the break is limited to Rhoads, members of the following groups are the only students who may request Winter Break housing:

  • International Students 
  • Pre-Season Athletes: students do not need to apply; coaches will submit a form on behalf of their entire team. Athletes may reside at the College only during the time of their training.
  • Students participating in special College sponsored programs (e.g., Career & Civic Engagement sponsored programs that require in-person participation).
  • Any student is eligible to stay overnight for one night in Rhoads on the first Friday night, 12/17 to help accommodate travel and transportation exceptions.
  • Students with special circumstances that require them to remain on campus during the break and who do not meet the requirements listed above must discuss their situation in advance with their dean and receive the dean's approval.  
  • Current Rhoads residents who are eligible for Winter Break housing must also submit an application form as their One Cards will not work during the break and they will need to be assigned a key fob for access.

Winter Break Meals

Winter break housing includes housing and meals (breakfast and lunch weekdays) when the College is open. Since the College is closed Dec. 23-Jan. 2 and meals will not be provided during these dates, the cost for this period is reduced. All charges for winter break housing will be posted to student accounts after winter break. So, students are not asked to pay any money in advance in order to be able to stay. More specific information about meal hours, location, etc. will be provided before winter break to those who are approved for housing.



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