Room Draw

What is Room Draw?

Room Draw is a housing lottery in which returning students select their dorm and room for the following year. The goal of the Room Draw process is to assign every student a room in a fair manner.  Consequently, Room Draw outcomes are determined by:

  • the availability of spaces
  • the demand for each of the housing choices
  • class sizes
  • the assignment of a random, computer-generated priority number to each student

Room Draw Overview

Every student is assigned a priority number which is valid for the entire year. Students will select dorms and rooms according to class year and priority number. You will participate in one of the housing draws to select a dorm, then again in room selection to select a room in that dorm. In all draws, those who will be seniors draw first according to their priority numbers, then rising juniors, and finally rising sophomores. Please note, single rooms are not guaranteed.

Rising sophomores are strongly encouraged to consider possible roommates in case you receive a priority number in the lower half of your class. Please plan carefully as the room you draw is your housing assignment for the entire academic year.

Room Draw Dates and Deadlines

Spring 2022 Room Draw information will be available in the weeks following spring break on the Room Draw Moodle.


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