Student Engagement - Forms


Commonly Requested Forms

Artist Offer Form

Complete this form if your artist requires a formal offer from the College. Offers will only be submitted for events taking place a minimum of 30 business days after the date the offer form is submitted.

Board Game Rental Form

Complete this form to request up to two games at a time for use during Club events.

Catering Request

For all on-campus events, you must secure either a Catering contract or a Food and Beverage Waiver.

Club Sports for PE Credit Registration

You must complete this form if your Club Sport is interested in receiving Physical Education (PE) credit. 

Club Constitution Template

Use this template when drafting up a constitution for a new club or revising a constitution for an existing club.

Contract Request

Use this form to request a Bryn Mawr contract to secure an artist or performer outside the Bryn Mawr community.

Daily Digest Request

To get your event advertised on the College website and in the Daily Digest community email newsletter, please complete the Daily Digest request form.

Film Request

Please use this form to request a film for viewing. It will take two weeks for your film to arrive on campus.

Food and Beverage Waiver

For all on-campus events, you must secure either a Catering contract or a Food and Beverage Waiver.

Fundraising Request Form 

Please use this form to raise funds and/or host donation drives on campus.

Individual Student Payment Form 

Complete this form to request payment for a current Bryn Mawr College student who will or already has completed work for your student club or organization.

Karaoke Machine Rental Form

Use this form to reserve a Karaoke machine. Machines are free for BMC students and registered student organizations.

Purchase Request Form

Complete this form for items you would like us to purchase for your club (not for items that have already been purchased by your club).

Party Notification Form

This form must be completed for Wet Events by the party hosts, signed by the appropriate Dorm Presidents, and submitted to Student Engagement by 12pm the Monday prior to the event. For Dry Events use the Public Space Notification Form.

Public Space Notification Form

This form must be completed for larger scale dry student events (for example, concerts or dance parties) held in public spaces. Wet events and events held in dorm spaces (other than Rhoads Dining Hall) must complete the Party Form.

Student Engagement Hazing Notification Form

Complete this form to report any incident which may violate the College Hazing Policy or to report a situation which you believe may have been hazing.

Trip Request Form

All clubs interested in participating in activities held off campus which include significant risk and liability must meet with Mia Harvey to obtain approval at least 10 business days prior to the scheduled activity date.

Space Reservation Form

Please use the College's event space management platform (EMS) to reserve the date and location for your event.

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