Approved Programs

Each program entry below offers basic information to help students begin to identify options that meet their academic needs. Students should consult program websites for fuller descriptions and for up-to-date application deadlines, course listings, etc.

A few things to note:

  • Program websites may also list locations that are not on Bryn Mawr’s Approved List, and students may not apply to those
  • Approved programs may include particular tracks and course clusters outside of the liberal arts. Students may not take those courses.
  • Students studying abroad pay Bryn Mawr tuition.

Always consult with the Registrar and the Director of Global Education at Bryn Mawr if you are uncertain about program eligibility or transferability of course credit.

Finding a Program

Additional Study Abroad Opportunities

Exchange Partner Institutions

Bryn Mawr College has formal exchange agreements with select institutions abroad. These programs are overseen and administered jointly with the Office of International Students and Scholars Services and Advising in The Impact Center. The Study Abroad office provides assistance to Bryn Mawr undergraduates seeking to study abroad at an Exchange Partner Institution.

Summer Study Abroad Opportunities

Many students choose to study abroad in the summer instead of, or in addition to, the academic year.  Summer study abroad has the advantage of flexibility since students are not limited to the list of approved programs.  Students hoping to transfer credit from summer study abroad must review transfer credit policies and apply for transfer credit approval through the Registrar's Office.


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Study Abroad

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For Bryn Mawr Study Abroad Students:
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