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The Writing Center offers professional tutoring with multilingual writing specialists. Look for "Multilingual Specialist" by the tutor's name when scheduling your appointment.

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Peer Writing and Speaking Tutors

Specially trained students are available for one-on-one meetings to help with all your writing projects, as well as your oral presentations, thesis defenses, interviews, poster presentations, class discussion skills, visual aids, and more! Make an appointment or walk-in at the Writing Center. Online appointments are available through the Writing Center's online system. 

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One-on-One Consultations

Email the Director ( with questions regarding adjustment to the US academic system, multilingual writing, reading strategies, how to participate in class discussion, how to make continued progress in English communication, and any other concerns.

Student Advice

Photo of Yichen Wang '17

Yichen Wang '17

"International students tend to be silent in class, either because they have been put into an unfamiliar situation and have to learn and speak in their second language or because they are following their past habits, as they were trained to be quiet in class in their home countries.

"Tips: Do readings. Listen to what others say. Add opinions (agreements/gentle oppositions) to what other students and professors say.

"Do not be afraid to raise some questions in class, and do not be afraid to change topics during the discussions if some parts of the discussions bother you.

"The representative word for America is diversity, and not generalization. Get involved with Americans to understand their lifestyles and how they communicate.

"Socialization and networking are always important; take part in alumnae reunions and tea parties that can build connections with other people associated with the College.

"Many parents and student are concerned about the safety of students here. Bryn Mawr College and Bryn Mawr town are very safe, with middle class people living here. Bryn Mawr College is very encouraging and warm, since its culture is unique and friendly to every single student."

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