Multilingual Students

Whether you are new to Bryn Mawr or you have been here for a while, there are useful resources to support you during your time in college. Explore below what all is available to you and ways in which you can get involved. 

Resources for Multilingual Students

Multilingual students have two options for one-on-one writing support.

■    Peer Writing and Speaking Tutors

■    One-on-One Consultations with the Director of Multilingual Writing 

There are additional resources for support with classes, assignment beyond writing, and academics in general.

Visit this page for more information and instructions on how to make an appointment or request a tutor.

Bryn Mawr College offers specialized writing courses for multilingual students. Click here for more information.

Click here for more information on upcoming workshops for multilingual students.

Visit this page to access online resources for multilingual students.

Click here to find current and upcoming scholarship, employment, and volunteer opportunities geared towards multilingual and international students.

There are several ways in which you can get involved in your Bryn Mawr community.

■    Tri-Co Multilingual Workshops   

■    Multilingual Voices: A blog by multilingual students (coming soon)

■    Multilingual Parliament

■    Multilingual Student Panel

■    Multilingual Research Study

■    Multilingual Retreats: Refresh, Replenish, Repeat

■   See also: Student Engagement & New Student Programs

Academic Support

LITS (Library & Information Technology Services)    |    Canday Library    |    Registrar

Writing Center.   |    Q Center    |    Haverford Peer Tutoring    |    Office of Academic Support   

Peer Mentors    |    Peer Tutors    |    Dean's Office  (Seeing Your Dean)  |    Access Services


Health & Wellness

Counseling Services    |    Health & Wellness Center    |    Dining Services


International & Multicultural Experience

International Student and Scholar Advising    |    Pensby Center

Enid Cook '31 Center    |    Global Bryn Mawr Office



Residential Life    |    Mailroom    |    Campus Safety    |    Career and Civic Engagement Services 

Visit this page to access information relevant to multilingual and/or international graduate students specifically.

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