Posted March 21st, 2016
Kaitlin Menza '09 was part of the team to put together the digital series "Women and Guns: The Conflicted, Dangerous, and Empowering Truth."
Amanda Darby '10
Posted March 9th, 2016
Amanda Darby '10 will be appearing on the television game show Jeopardy! on Monday, March 14.
Posted March 8th, 2016
I started coding when I started school, at age 5. My school had a computer lab full of TRS-80 Color Computers.
Posted March 1st, 2016
The Thorne School provides excellent learning opportunities for Bryn Mawr students interested in education, psychology, and social work.
Posted March 1st, 2016
Inspired in part by the work they did as Pensby Center interns, Alexis De La Rosa ’15 and Lauren Footman ’14 have formed Students Committed to Opportunities Progress and Empowerment (SCOPE).