Junior Year Abroad (JYA) Credit Transfer

Students interested in JYA and intending to transfer JYA credits into the major should follow these procedures:

  • Meet with your major advisor to discuss course selections. Note that the restrictions on outside-credit transfer still apply, in that you are allowed to transfer a total two electives into the major, including JYA.
  • Provide your major advisor a detailed syllabus for each course you intend to take during your JYA semester and transfer into the major. These syllabi need to have enough details to show weekly topics and work load. Just a short course description does not suffice.
  • Obtain written approvals from your major advisor.
  • If you deviate from the approved courses in anyway during JYA, you must inform your major advisor.
  • Provide transcripts to your major advisor upon return from JYA showing courses taken and grades earned.