Outside-Credit Transfer

Students intending to transfer outside credits into the major and minors should abide by the following restrictions. Definition of outside is any course outside of Bryn Mawr or Haverford.


  1. Substitution for the eight required courses (three intro plus four core plus thesis) with outside credit is not allowed.
  2. We accept a maximum of two outside credit substitutes for the four remaining electives required for major. This includes JYA.


  1. Substitution for any of the required courses (three intro plus one-or-two core) with outside credit is not allowed.
  2. We accept a maximum of one outside credit substitute for the electives required for minor. This includes JYA.

To complete an outside-credit transfer:

  • Meet with your major advisor to discuss course selections. 
  • Provide your major advisor a detailed syllabus for each course you intend to take outside of the Bi-Co and transfer into the major. These syllabi need to have enough details to show weekly topics and work load. Just a short course description does not suffice.
  • Obtain written approvals from your major advisor.
  • If you deviate from the approved courses in anyway, you must inform your major advisor.
  • Provide transcripts to your major advisor upon completion showing courses taken and grades earned.