Registrar - Unique to Bryn Mawr

Unique to Bryn Mawr

Types of Bryn Mawr Classes

You have flexibility to craft an academic plan that works for your major. Read more about some of these uniquely Bryn Mawr offerings.

Registrar - Semester Courses

Semester Courses

A majority of Bryn Mawr courses are semester long courses. Drops and adds are permitted until the Wednesday of the second week of classes. If a student is carrying five semester long courses, the student can drop a fifth class until the end of the third week of classes. Any drops that occur outside of these deadlines require approval from your Dean and must be submitted for approval on the late change of registration form. Any drops after the deadline may be considered withdrawals and will result in a WD on the student's transcript.

Focus Courses (aka Quarter Courses)

Quarter Classes, also called Focus Courses, are a half-semester in length and earn 0.5 units of credit. Many focus courses are at the introductory level. Focus courses allow students to gain greater flexibility in their schedule and they can explore more disciplines in a single semester.

Port Cities 360 in Marseille

360 Program

360° is an interdisciplinary experience that engages several aspects of a topic or theme, giving students an opportunity to investigate thoroughly and thoughtfully a range of perspectives. A cohort of students takes a cluster of classes over the course of a semester, focusing on the history, economic concerns, cultural intersections and political impact of an era, decision, event, policy, or important scientific innovation.

Students must apply for 360° Course Clusters during preregistration.


PE Courses

All students at Bryn Mawr must complete a Physical Education (PE) requirement. PE Courses should be completed by the end of a student's sophomore year. 

If you have questions regarding a PE course or PE credit, please reach out to the Physical Education/Athletics Office.


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