GSSWSR: Registering for Penn Classes

Please see the steps outlined below for Penn registration instructions and rules. 

First, you must register for the placeholder PENN B500 course in Bionic to show your intent.


Second, submit a completed Graduate Student Quaker Consortium Registration Form.

  • Courses taken at Penn must be related to graduate social work education and be approved by your advisor.
  • The number of courses that may be taken at Penn is limited to one per semester.
  • Courses at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are available to Bryn Mawr graduate students only during the academic year. Summer courses at Penn and courses offered at Penn’s School of Social Work are not part of the Reciprocal Plan.
  • View the Penn School of Arts and Sciences graduate departmental pages for course offerings.
  • Bryn Mawr students do not have priority in Penn classes in accordance with the Quaker Consortium Agreement. A seat in a Penn class is never guaranteed and students should have a back up course in mind when planning their schedules.
  • Students cannot audit courses. 
  • View Penn's Academic calendar for semester start/end dates.


Third, obtain permission from the Penn instructor to take the class. Your course request data cannot be processed unless we have a copy of this email. Forward the email to the following three people:


Fourth, when you hear back from Penn about your requested course, you will get instructions regarding your PennKey and other next steps.


Registration questions? Contact Megan Kenny at in the Registrar's Office.


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