Validate your Shopping Cart

Validation appointments allow a student to “test run” their registration during the Advising Period. For the three weeks of advising, preceding registration, students will see an option to validate the shopping cart.

Step 1: Go to the Student Center and click enrollment shopping cart to access your shopping cart.

enrollment shopping cart

Step 2: Select the term you will be adding classes to:

Select the term

Step 3: Add classes to your shopping cart

Step 4: Select the class or classes that you wish to test by selecting the check boxes and then clicking the validate button.

The validation report that appears will show if you would be able to successfully enroll in a course or if there is a problem with your registration choice.


In the example above, PHYS B214, would not successfully enroll because the enrollment prerequisites have not been met. The student would need to obtain a permission number from the instructor to register or choose another course because they don’t have the required preparations.

Validating your shopping cart does not register you for your courses. Once you have validated your shopping cart and received any necessary permission numbers, during the Registration period, successfully register for your courses. 

Note: Validation is not required, however, it is a tool available prior to registration so your registration process goes more smoothly. The validation option will disappear during a registration period.


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