Beinecke Memorial Scholarship

Twenty Beinecke Memorial Scholarships are awarded each year to juniors who have demonstrated superior intellectual ability, scholastic achievement and personal promise during their undergraduate careers. Each scholar receives $4,000 immediately prior to entering graduate school and an additional $30,000 while attending graduate school in the U.S. or abroad. Students are allowed to supplement the award with other scholarships, assistantships and research grants. Bryn Mawr is one of approximately 100 selective colleges and universities that can each nominate one candidate for consideration by the Foundation.


  • Preliminary: N/A
  • Internal: Jan. 8, 2024
  • External: Feb. 14, 2024

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen planning graduate study in the arts, humanities and the social sciences. You must also have a history of receiving need-based financial aid. Because the Beinecke Scholarship demands “superior” academic achievement, application is by invitation only. Between ten and twenty students will be invited to apply near the end of the fall semester each year, based on GPA and a history of receiving financial need.

Adviser: Eleanor Stanford, Fellowship Adviser, Undergraduate Dean's Office

Selection criteria: Again, superior academic achievement and intellectual potential are central. These characteristics should be demonstrated not just by high grades but by your personal statement and your faculty recommendations.

Application procedure: Bryn Mawr will select its nominee on the basis of the online internal application.

Applicants must also request three online recommendations from faculty members.

The Fellowships Committee may decide to invite some applicants to an informal interview with the committee. An interview is not a part of the external selection process, but it can help the committee decide which candidate will, with revision, be able to produce the strongest possible written application. JYA students will be interviewed by phone.

External application is due to Eleanor Stanford. The application includes the following:

  • The personal statement, revised to take into account comments from the Fellowships Committee
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Beinecke Financial Aid form
  • A current resumé
  • An official transcript

Beinecke Scholars are named by May 1 each year.