Mitchell Scholarships

Mitchell Scholarships support one year of graduate study in any discipline offered at an institution of higher learning in Ireland or Northern Ireland. The Mitchell Scholarship provides tuition, housing, a living expenses stipend, and international travel. Normally, 12 Scholarships are awarded each year. Mitchell Scholars must exhibit superior levels of academic achievement, leadership and community service.


  • Preliminary: Aug. 1, 2023
  • Internal: Sept. 1, 2023
  • External: Sept. 28, 2023

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for the American competition, you must be:

  • A U.S. citizen 
  • At least 18 but no more than 30 years old
  • Recipient of a bachelor's degree before taking up the award

Adviser: Eleanor (Ellie) Stanford, Fellowship Adviser.

Selection criteria: The Selection Committee looks for “persuasive, documented evidence of achievement in three areas: academic, leadership, and community service. Some applicants have impressive academic credentials but lack a credible record of achievement in leadership and service. All three fields are equally important criteria for the Mitchell Scholarship.” In addition, successful applicants should have strong preparation and a convincing rationale for the proposed field of graduate study.

Preliminary application: Because competition for this scholarship is so intense, it is important to begin the application process early. The initial application is intended to get you started putting together the materials you will need for later stages. Based on your initial application, you will receive feedback from the Fellowships Adviser regarding whether you have the potential to receive institutional endorsement and if so what steps you should take and what concerns you will have to address to earn that endorsement.

Mitchell Preliminary Application Form 

The initial application will consist of the following:

  • A current, comprehensive resumé, including employment, activities, honors, skills, and languages. This need not be limited to one page. Please include a description of planned employment or other activities for the upcoming summer and fall. 
  • The names of five potential writers of letter of recommendation, at least four of whom should be professors. You are advised to inform these writers of your plans to apply for this fellowship. 
  • A personal statement worksheet
  • A list of any other fellowships you are planning to apply for
  • A list of any questions you have about the fellowship or the application process

Official fall internal application: In this first stage, you submit your internal application internally and are interviewed soon after by the Committee on Fellowships and Prizes here on campus. This application includes the following elements:

  • A current, comprehensive resumé, including employment, activities, honors, languages, and skills. This need not be limited to one page. 
  • Personal essay, not more than 1,000 words in length, describing “the specific field of interest and the justification for the proposed study in Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  • Three letters of recommendation, two of which should be from professors.  Please direct recommenders to the online recommendation form.

On the basis of that application and interview, the Committee will decide whether or not to endorse your application. If you are selected as a nominee, the committee will prepare an official letter of support for your application.You will also receive some feedback on your application and have a short time period in which to revise materials for your final application. The better and more polished your initial application; the likelier you are to have a strong interview, a strong letter of support, and the strongest possible final application.

Revised application must be submitted to Eleanor (Ellie) Stanford, Fellowship Adviser, at least two days before the official external deadline. If necessary, you should be prepared to make last-minute editorial corrections and must submit the corrected version by 5 p.m. on the published deadline.

Final application includes:

  • Online application, including personal statement revised to take into account feedback from the Bryn Mawr committee
  • Five letters of recommendation, submitted online by your recommenders
  • Scanned and uploaded unofficial transcripts for each college or university attended 
  • Scanned and uploaded passport-size picture
  • Scanned and uploaded signature
  • Finally, please submit one copy of your application form and personal statement to the dean’s office, to be included in your permanent file.

If you are chosen as a semifinalist, you will be asked to upload proof of U.S. citizenship.  If you are chosen as a finalist, you will take the original with you for interview.

After the application is submitted: Approximately 30 semifinalists will be interviewed via Skype. Twenty finalists will be invited for interviews in Washington D.C. mid-November. Notification will happen shortly afterward.