Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Responsible Conduct of Research training helps to uphold honest, humane, accurate, and objective research.

RCR Reporting 

Primary Investigators of NIH and NSF-funded grants must complete this Wufoo form every semester to identify any faculty, students, or staff who are working on the grant (paid or unpaid). All individuals working on NIH and NSF-funded grants must have RCR training. 

The Sponsored Research Office tracks the completion of all RCR training. Faculty, students, and staff working on these federally funded grants must have RCR training on file with our office.

Email to check your RCR status.  

What is RCR?

The Responsible Conduct of Research is a crucial component of conducting ethical, high-quality research. RCR instruction allows researchers of all kinds (students, faculty, staff) to learn about the professional and ethical conduct required of Bryn Mawr College researchers. 

The following modules are required in the RCR training:

  • Collaborative Research
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Mentoring
  • Data Management

Other optional modules are available and may be required by specific funding organizations 

Who takes RCR training?

Required: Anyone working on an NIH or NSF-funded grant, whether you are financially compensated or not.

Recommended: Anyone conducting any research 

Why do I need to take RCR training?

As per the NIH, RCR promotes the aims of scientific inquiry, fosters a research environment that enables scientists to work together toward common goals, and promotes public confidence in scientific knowledge and progress for the public good. 

Where can I find the RCR training?

Bryn Mawr College offers RCR training through the CITI Program. General instructions for accessing the RCR training can be found here.

Specific instructions for each research category can be found:

When do I need to take the RCR Training?

All researchers should take the RCR training before beginning any research activities. Ideally, researchers should complete the training before creating research protocols. 

RCR Training through CITI Program expires after 3 years and must be up-to-date to conduct research from federally-funded grants. 

Specific requirements of each funding organization may vary. To note, the NIH and NSF require regular and active discussion about responsible research within the lab of each funded research study to be within compliance with grant requirements. 

Always check with your advisor or the Office of Sponsored Research to determine which RCR trainings are needed. 

For Faculty with Federal Grants: RCR Reporting Wufoo Form

Any concerns regarding Responsible Conduct of Research should be reported in writing and submitted electronically to the Director of Sponsored Research via email address. Anonymous reports may be submitted in writing to the Office of Sponsored Research.


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