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A note from the Alumnae/i Travel Program on International Travel: 

We recognize the great challenges of the current moment. We continue to see the impact of the enduring global pandemic, in addition to great suffering caused by war. Our thoughts are with all countries where violence has caused loss of life and forced people to flee their homes.

We continue to plan for our trips in the future, but we recognize that circumstances can change quickly. Our tour operators have introduced greatly increased health and safety protocols, smaller group sizes when possible, updated cancellation policies, and more flexibility and transparency than ever before so that you can travel safely again in the coming year and beyond.

We appreciate your continued patience. If you have a question about a specific departure, please contact Taylor Manferdini (tmanferdin@brynmawr.edu) or Sarah McDevitt (smcdevitt@brynmawr.edu).


Mystical Jordan

March 18-26, 2023

with Alice Lesnick, Director and Term Professor in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program and Associate Dean for Global Engagement


A crossroads for millennia, Jordan has faced endless waves of invaders, from ancient Romans to Ottomans and European crusaders. In their wake, these empires have left ornate churches to crusader castles and desert citadels, as well as the lost city of Petra. For the first time, Bryn Mawr will be offering this unique destination to our alumnae/I, family and friends, with a focus on immersive experiences that gets you close to its people, culture, vast desert landscapes, archeological gems and rich history.

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April 14-23, 2023

with Jennifer Skirkanich, Director, STEM Posse and STEMLA Fellows Programs, Assistant Dean and Senior Lecturer in Biology

Image of a turtle in the ocean

Explore the legendary Galápagos Islands aboard a comfortable 52-cabin expedition ship, well equipped for actively experiencing the wildlife and wonders of the islands. You'll come to eye-to-eye with the famous giant tortoises roaming in the wild. Encounter blue-footed boobies nesting along a trail. And swim with penguins, marine iguanas, and playful sea lions- experiences that can transform lives.

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Land of the Ice Bears

June 10-20, 2023

Image of three polar bears

A high Arctic archipelago situated beyond Norway’s fjord-fretted coast, a mere 600 miles from the North Pole, Svalbard is a place of deep fjords, snowcapped mountains, and massive sheets of ice––glowing under the midnight sun during our season there. It’s a magnificent polar bear habitat that provides opportunities for thrilling up-close observations of polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. It’s Arctic nature in its purest form.

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Enchanting Ireland

June 25- July 7, 2023


It’s a beautiful, magical land, where the gentle green landscape dazzles and the people delight; where warmth and hospitality are national traits and poets are national heroes. From Dublin to Galway, Killarney to Kilkenny, this full yet well-paced tour showcases Ireland’s many charms – both old and new – to our small band of travelers.

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Untamed Alaska

July 25- August 4, 2023


Awe-inspiring natural beauty and outdoor adventure await as your small group explores the varied landscapes and noteworthy cities of Alaska, America’s Last Frontier, on this superlative 11-day journey.

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Insider's Japan

August 26- September 7, 2023

Cherry Blossoms

A truly fascinating land of rich traditions and dizzying modernity is revealed on this well-crafted 13-day small group tour.

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Alsace Uncovered

September 6-12, 2023

Alsace Town

Explore Alsace, one of Europe’s most unique regions, focusing on its culinary and wine traditions and its unique history at the crossroads between France and Germany.

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Moroccan Discovery

October 22- November 4, 2023

Morocco Discovery

On this one-of-a-kind 14-day small group journey, you open your eyes, and heart, to a truly foreign land, an age-old culture, and genuinely hospitable people. 

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Andalucia, in a Parador

November 9- 17, 2023

with Gary McDonogh, Helen Herrmann Chair and Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities

Andalucia Parador

Embrace the soulful spirit of southern Spain, from flamenco and bullfighting to Moorish fortresses and Gothic cathedrals, on this enchanting adventure. 

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