Island in Java Sea

Jewels of the Java Sea: An Exploration between Bali and Singapore

Dates: September 12-23, 2024

Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands- discover some of the more remote and less traveled jewels of the Java Sea. Cruise through the remnants of Krakatoa and view the volcano's "children", who have appeared since 1883. Snorkel and dive amongst vibrant coral gardens; kayak in secluded bays with hundreds of fish teeming below; engage with local villagers and learn about their daily lives. 

Be awestruck at the grandeur and sheer size of Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience the innovative melting pot that is Singapore- a spectacular blend of cultures, innovation, and beauty. Swim and snorkel the coral reefs off the pristine, uninhabited isles of the Natuna and Anambas archipelagos. Explore the jungles of West Bali Barat National Park and Menjangen Island where you can see colorful Javan banded pitta, the Bali myna, and the native barking deer.

The National Geographic Orion accommodates 102 guests across 53 cabins and suites and comes equipped with open air space, observation deck, dining space, Zodiacs, kayaks and more!

To make a reservation, contact Lindblad Expeditions at 888-773-9007 or

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Costs and Inclusions

Book by December 31 and waive the solo premium on solo cabins!

Book by December 31 and receive airfare credits up to $2,500 per person (for Category 1-4 cabins, including solo cabins) or up to $5,000 per person (for Category 5 or higher cabins).

Pricing includes all accommodations aboard ship and on land; all meals indicated; all alcoholic (except some premium bands) and nonalcoholic beverages; all excursions; explorations tools such as Zodiacs, kayaks, and snorkeling gear; guidance and expertise of professional staff; special access permits, park fees, and port taxes; transfers to and from designated flights; sauna, fitness center; gratuities to the ship's crews.

Prices listed below are per person

Voyage CAT. 1 CAT. 2 CAT. 3 CAT. 4 CAT. 5 CAT. 6 CAT 1. SOLO CAT. 2 SOLO
September 12-23, 2024 $10,339 $12,542 $14,695 $16,034 $19,368 $22,464 $15,502 $22,039

Bring the kids: Take $500 off the double occupancy price for each person under 18.


Itinerary subject to change

Arrive in Singapore and transfer to hotel. Meet your fellow travelers at an evening welcome reception. (D)

Explore this landmark city-state; Singapore, a former British colony, has transformed itself into one of the world's leading and most innovative commercial centers. We'll see how Chinese, Malay, and Indian cultures thrive side by side. In the afternoon, we embark on National Geographic Orion. (B,L,D)

The first stop is the Anambas Archipelago, where we snorkel the reefs surrounding Pulau Lintag. The island is private so we have exclusive access to walk the beach, dive, snorkel, or explore by glass-bottomo Zodiacs. (B,L,D)

The remote Badas Islands offer excellent beaches and corals. These rarely visited islands offer an abundant array of marine life. Explore by stand-up paddleboard, snorkeling and/or beachcombing. (B,L,D)

Located off the coast of Sumatra, Belitung is park of the relatively unknown Bangka-Belitung sister islands. Ashore we have the opportunity to meet the locals and witness the blending of three cultures: Malay homes on stilts; Bugis fishing villages; and Sumatran coffee houses. (B,L,D)

One of the world's most powerful volcanoes, Krakatoa, or Krakatua in Indonesian, was known worldwide after the explosive eruption of 1883. Along the Pacific Rim of Fire, new volcanoes have formed beneath Krakatoa's caldera- Anak Krakatua, or "Child of Krakatoa" is the most active now. Explore black sand beaches and lush jungles that rise up the volcano. Cruise to Legon Cabe and snorkel the dazzling reefs around the island. The following day is spent on board with our team of naturalists. (B,L,D)

Our visit to Cirebon, on the coast of Java, will take you back in time to the 16th century. Palaces, mosques, and bustling markets full of batik stalls are all found alongside this thriving trading port.  Following the Cirebonese Welcome Ceremony, visit Kacirebonan Palace where the Sultan welcomes us to his home. (B, L, D)

Today we dock at Semarang, where we visit the Borobuder Temple, the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest Buddhist temple in the world. (B,L,D)

A breathtaking chain of coral-fringed islands, Kerimun Jawa Archipelago sits of the coast of central Java. Designated a natural reserve, the marine park protects biodiversity of the lush mangrove forests, 11 species of seagrass, extensive coral reefs and over 400 species of fish. (B,L,D)

Bordered by beautiful white sand beaches in the south and rocky cliffs in the north, Madura Island is a remote gem in the Strait of Madura. Not far from Surabaya, it feels like a different world- rural and steeped in culture of fierce, yet open-hearted sailors. Spend time visiting the Royal Palace learning about the heritage of those proud people. (B,L,D)

Javanese for "deer", Menjangan Island is named after the rare rusa deer who swim to the island during the spring. This secluded paradise is part of the West Bali Barat National Park. Teeming with untouched beauty both above and below the water, explore the island on foot and snorkel among the brightly colored coral fans. (B,L,D)

This morning, we arrive in Denpasar on the lush island of Bali. Following disembarkation, get a taste of paradise, where life and art are interwoven. After lunch, transfer to the airport for your flight home. (B,L)


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