Emergency Notification

In an effort to ensure that the community is fully aware of any safety issues or emergency that may take place, Campus Safety will activate the emergency notification system when deemed appropriate. Depending on the situation, emergency notifications will be sent via phone, text message, email, and/or posted on the College website.

Information for this system comes directly from the information in Bionic. Those wishing to receive text messages should make sure their cell phone information is entered in Bionic. On the Self-Service page, in the "Personal Information" box, click on the "Personal Information Summary" link. Then click on the "Change Phone Numbers" button under the "Phone Numbers" grid. Next, click on the "Add Phone Number" button to add the Cell phone number for emergency notification. Finally, click the Save button.

We have partnered with Everbridge, which will allow us to send messages if there is a crisis on campus.  All students will automatically be uploaded into the system. Faculty and staff can register in BIONIC.  

Emergency Notification Information

If you receive an Emergency Notification message:


Listen to the message

  • Press #1 to hear

Acknowledge it

  • Press #1 to acknowledge.

The emergency notification system will alternately try to reach you by telephone, email and text message until you acknowledge the contact. Confirm receipt of the message and the system will stop attempting to contact you.

Await further instructions

Please do not call Campus Safety unless you have situational update information

When there is a true emergency on campus, the dispatcher in Campus Safety is inundated with calls directly related to effective response to the emergency: for example, calls from the police and witnesses, as well as coordination of responding officers. Calls from community members wanting more details or making routine inquiries interfere with a prompt, effective response. Please do not call Campus Safety during the emergency unless you have information directly relevant to the emergency. In addition, if you see on your phone that you have a missed call from Campus Safety — please check for messages before calling them.

Emergency Notification via Phone   


Student phone numbers have already been entered into the EverBridge system. However, in the event that the number has changed, we urge students to update their emergency notification phone number in BIONIC.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty/Staff would login to BIONIC, select Self Service, then "Phone Numbers" and then select "Add a Phone Number" to be added to the Everbridge Emergency Notification System.

Emergency Siren

The siren may be used in conjunction with the emergency notification system, determined on a case by case basis. If you hear the siren, seek shelter inside and stay alert for the emergency notification message.

Bryn Mawr’s Emergency Hotline Number

  • For weather updates and emergency updates: 610-526-7310

In addition to these steps, a recorded message may be placed on the Emergency Hotline, extension 7310, and information may also be posted on the College homepage. In the event of an immediate hazard or a serious threat to campus safety, a text message would be sent out, via Everbridge and a public alert siren would be sounded. The siren will be followed by instructions. When the crisis has passed, an all clear will be sounded.

For more information please refer to the Bryn Mawr College Emergency Response Guide.


Contact Us

Campus Safety Department

John Maloney Memorial Building
Phone: (610) 526-7911

Lil Burroughs
Bi-Co Executive Director, Campus Safety
Phone: (610) 526-7911