Credentials Files

One of the services Career Engagement offers students and alumnae/i is maintaining a file of letters of recommendation for employment or application to graduate school. At your written or emailed request, Career Engagement will forward copies of these letters to graduate schools or employers. 

For alumnae/i who graduated prior to 2010, please note that it could take a couple of weeks for Career Engagement to access your files as it is stored in an offsite facility managed by Archives, Canaday Library. Please allow the appropriate amount of time for your request to be processed so that your letter(s) can be submitted. 

Open a File 

  • Credentials files are opened and serviced only through your degree granting institution. 
  • Sign a "Credential Release Form" (link under Forms on the bottom of this page) and email it to Career Engagement at This opens your file. 

Obtain References 

  • Provide a “Credential Reference Form" to each potential reference writer. You can access the form on the link under Forms at the bottom of this page. Each form should indicate whether the specific letter of reference is to be confidential. You must sign the form before giving it to the writer. You may choose to have confidential and non-confidential letters in your file. 
  • A reference writer must write a letter on stationery from his/her department. All completed letters of recommendation should be sent directly to Career Engagement at
  • Several (three to five) letters of recommendation should be part of your file. Ask people who know you well (professors, employers, or others) to write on your behalf. 
  • Personally seek letters of recommendation and discuss the purpose of the letter with the writer (e.g., graduate school, employment). It may be helpful to provide a resume/curriculum vita for the writer. 
  • You are responsible for contacting reference writers and following up on their compliance with your request. We recommend that you check with Career Engagement within a reasonable amount of time (three weeks) to see if the letter(s) has arrived and is in your file. 

Send References to an Employer or Academic Institution 

  • Letters of reference from your file will be submitted only with your written/emailed permission. 
  • Please send an email to Career Engagement at with your stated permission to have specific letters submitted and which institutions/programs will be making requests. 
  • Many programs/institutions are now providing links for letters to be uploaded to their site. Career Engagement can submit your letter(s) through this method if you provide the link or designate our office as the one to submit credentials. However, if the program/institution states letters must be submitted by the recommender only, then you will need to contact that person(s) directly to let them know.  
  • Letters for which rights of access have been waived can only be sent directly to the organization identified in the request. The only exception is when a graduate program requires the applicant to collect and send all application materials in one packet. At the time of the written request, please provide a copy of the part of the application that states this requirement.  

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