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Welcome To Mawrter Connect, a partnership between the Career & Civic Engagement Center and the Alumnae Association!

What is Mawrter Connect?

Mawrter Connect is Bryn Mawr's professional and personal networking community. By engaging within this platform, you can network with students, alumnae/i, faculty and staff and friends of the College. Connect with individuals in industries and cities/countries of interest, share career advice, gain insights from each other's experiences, and contribute to an exceptional network!

Mawrter Connect enables and simplifies making connections within the community; it also provides a space for referring and sharing opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Share or Post Jobs for Alumnae/i

How does it work?

In the Community section, you can search for alumnae/i by industry, location, key words, and other filters that include affinity, affiliation, and identity groups. On the Home page, you will get personalized, recommended connections based on commonalities in your interests and your specific goals.

You decide who to reach out to and how to use the information available! You may also choose how many contact emails you receive in a month, from unlimited to none. You may adjust your account settings at any time under My Preferences.

Resources in Mawrter Connect

In addition to the Community, there are many other Resources available:

  • Webinars, Articles, and Alumnae/i Profiles: recorded career panels and programs, handouts and articles, profiles of alums and their career stories, and links to campus resources such as Health Professions and Pre-Law Advising.
  • Business Directory: Alumnae/i business owners can display their businesses within the Resources, Business Directory section of Mawrter Connect. Please note, only businesses owned by Bryn Mawr College Alumnae/i can be advertised. Although Mawrter Connect is a password protected site, Bryn Mawr College cannot protect the privacy of your posting as users may copy and repost your information elsewhere. Bryn Mawr College retains discretion to discontinue this Directory and/or remove any listing at any time for any reason.
  • Mawrter Connect Business Directory Disclaimer: The Mawrter Connect Business Directory highlights alumnae/i owned businesses. The Directory provides links to external websites; however, Bryn Mawr College (“the College”) does not evaluate the postings or endorse the underlying businesses. The College does not guarantee the accuracy of any business listing posted in the Directory and outdated and/or erroneous details are inevitable. The College will not be responsible for problems that may arise from your use of links or businesses found on the Directory. The College is not responsible and expressly disclaims all liability for, or damages of any kind, arising out of the use, reference to, or reliance on, any information or business listed in Mawrter Connect. You must always use other sources in conjunction with the Directory before making decisions about businesses to use or support, and always check references for yourself before hiring/using a service. Bryn Mawr College will not intervene in any business relationship you may establish through the Directory.

How can I get the most out of this community?

  • Meet a Mawrter. Go to the Community to find people using a range of filters, including industry, education, affiliations and identities, and more. You can connect online, exchange emails, and set up a video chat. You may choose to meet in person as well.
  • Access resources. Explore articles, videos, and a Business Directory in the Resources section.
  • Refer a job or internship. The Jobs Board allows community members to share or post opportunities for alumnae/i and students.
  • Complete a Pathway. Pathways are guided learning experiences, to enhance skills such as networking and informational interviewing.
  • Invite your peers. Encourage your Bryn Mawr classmates, friends and colleagues to participate in Mawrter Connect.
  • Be active! Ask questions and reach out to new people. Don’t be afraid to initiate a message, alumnae/i have volunteered to be contacted and are waiting to hear from you!

How do I get started?

1. Go to Mawrter Connect to sign up

2. Choose how you sign in between emailor Students /Faculty/Staff (campus network email and password via Single Sign-on)

3. Visit the Connect > Community menu to access alumnae/i profiles and directly message community members

4. Still have questions? Email

Technical Support

If you are having trouble logging in, please contact us at

If you are logged in and having a technical issue, click the question mark in the upper right corner of the page to log a support ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can utilize Mawrter Connect?

Connecting students and alumnae/i with one another for lively and informative conversations is the primary focus. Current Bryn Mawr College faculty, staff, and other friends of the College can also participate.

How do I access Mawrter Connect?

Students, faculty and staff may log in with their campus email credentials by clicking the Students/Faculty/Staff option. All users may choose to log in using a preferred email address.

How easy is it to get started?

It only takes a few moments to activate your account! You will be prompted to answer a few questions about your background, with the main purpose of enabling connections with others and to personalize your Home page recommendations according to your goals and preferences. 

You can import some information from a LinkedIn profile, which is optimal performed using a laptop, tablet, or desktop (rather than via smartphone). The platform is mobile-friendly and once you are registered there is an easy-to-install icon for your mobile device home screen for even faster access.

Is there an approval process for people who participate?

Alumnae/i, students, faculty, and staff with email addresses were imported. If you sign up for Mawrter Connect through a system-generated invitation, your account is automatically approved. If you enter from the website or use a different email than we have on file, your account will go to an approval queue; once your information is verified you should be approved to enter the system within 24-72 hours.

I am in Mawrter Connect as an alumna/us, faculty member, staff member or Friend of the Community. Who can see my profile information?

You can control who can find you and what they can see. Using the My Preferences section, you can indicate whether you want everyone, no one, or specific user types (alumnae/i, student, faculty and staff, Friend of the Community) to see your profile.

I am in Mawrter Connect as a student. Who can see my profile information?

When you request a meeting with someone, your profile is visible to that person. Alums, faculty, staff and Friends of the Community are not able to search for students. If you opt in to having an alum initiate outreach to you, then your profile would be visible to some alums. 

Can I control how often I am contacted and who can contact me through Mawrter Connect?

Yes, under the My Preferences section! You can choose which groups of users (alumnae/i, students, faculty and staff, or Friends of the Community) are able to view your profile, whether you wish to be available for connections and informational interviews, what times you are available to connect, and how many inbound messages or meeting requests you would like to receive each month.

Who are "Friends of the Community"?

The Friend of the Community User Type enables parents, community partners, and allies who may not be alumnae/i to participate in the Mawrter network (by College invitation only). 

I reached out to someone, and did not receive a response. What should I do?

Give them a few days, then send a follow-up message. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back. People are busy! Try again in a few weeks if you really want to speak with that person or look for someone else with a similar background.

What if I don't know what to say?

Be yourself. Inquire about Bryn Mawr experiences you may have in common, such as a favorite place on campus, a favorite class or professor, and activities and organizations. Ask honest, genuine and open-ended what and how questions. For example,

  • "What are you passionate about in your career?"
  • "How did you get started on this career journey?"
  • “How critical is graduate education to progressing in this field?”
  • “What surprised you most about the first few years after graduating from Bryn Mawr?”

Let your curiosity guide you! And don't worry, there is real-time coaching in the system to help you craft a professional message, and the resource section has more helpful articles and information.

What’s the difference between Mawrter Connect and other online offerings? Is this replacing LinkedIn or Facebook groups?

All opportunities to connect are valuable and complement one another! Mawrter Connect is provided by the College in direct support of the articulated need/goal in the community: connections.

LinkedIn is for building an online presence and managing one's entire network of relationships. The College manages two Bryn Mawr groups to stimulate connections.

Facebook groups operate independently from the College and provide lively, interactive alum-to-alum and alum-to-student discussions, debates, and sharing.

How do I report inappropriate conduct?

Click the Block User/Report Abuse link in the message thread with the person in question (click the 3 vertical dots to Manage the Conversation). You can also notify Bryn Mawr administrators by emailing

How do I change my email address or the number of emails I receive?

Click on your profile picture on the top right hand side of your screen and select My Preferences. Next, change the notification preferences on your network activity updates.

What devices/browsers support video chat?

Video chat is supported on most modern browsers and operating systems. Recommended versions for use are: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Share or Post Jobs for Alumnae/i & Students

Where can I find job vacancy announcements?

The Jobs Board allows community members to share or post opportunities for alumnae/i and students.

Who has access to the Jobs Board?

All users have access to the jobs board. It was launched in 2019 as an alum-only resource, and we still strongly recommend using Handshake for student opportunities. 

What opportunities should be posted?

Share referrals when you become aware of an exciting opportunity. Direct hiring managers can post jobs and identify applicants.

If you are seeking to hire current students, we strongly recommend that you post opportunities via Handshake, our centralized job and internship site for students.

How do I utilize the Jobs Board?

Once logged in to your account, go to Careers > Jobs and use the search filters to explore current internship and job postings. Click "Post a Job" to get started with making a referral or posting a job for which you are directly hiring.

We recommend that you add a note to any referrals, indicating your willingness to be contacted by others in the community to answer questions. 

How do I post jobs or internships for students on Handshake?

Full-time employment, internships, and volunteer positions for students are promoted via Handshake, Bryn Mawr’s online career management system. Employers can post for both current students and alumnae/i at no cost. To register as a new employer in Handshake, please contact Career Engagement at 610-526-5174 or

User Agreement Expectations:

The Career & Civic Engagement Center (The Center) asks alumnae/i, faculty, staff, and friends of the College to follow ethical and standard recruiting practices as stated in our Employer Recruiting Policies when sharing or posting opportunities within Mawrter Connect.

  • Please only share opportunities that are personally known to you and which you are confident are legitimate opportunities.
  • We encourage you to "Add a Note" to your referral, including additional information, such as your name, contact information, and willingness to answer questions (if appropriate) by those exploring opportunities.
  • The Center reserves the right to remove any postings.

For alumnae/i seeking opportunities, the posting of these positions should not be construed as an endorsement from Bryn Mawr College. The rights and responsibilities of verification of posting details remains with the job seeker. No claim of authenticity either express or otherwise is made.

Mawrter Connect

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