Frequently Asked Questions for Self-Design Funding

What award amounts do students receive?

Awards are given up to $4,000, and this is taxable income. Summer funding is subject to applicable federal, state, and local income taxes and FICA. Taxes are withheld from payments generally at the rate of 15-20 percent. It could be more or less depending on the filing of one's taxes as well as one's international student status.  

Do I have to have a summer internship already set up to apply for funding?

Priority is given to students who have secured the internship at the time of application deadline of April 21. 

If I am having trouble getting the Organization Verification Form by the deadline, what should I do?

Applications that are complete will be given a full review. However, organizations may be delayed in submitting their information. If you secure an internship but the host organization is unable to complete the form by the deadline, please notify us before the April 21 deadline at, so we help you can create a plan.

What is the difference between the two deadlines?

For the summer of 2024, we are returning to two deadlines. The international internships deadline of March 3 is if you are applying for funding with an internship outside of the U.S. and not in your home country. The domestic internships deadline of April 21 is if you are pursing an internship in the U.S. or in your home country.  

What should I consider if I am applying for an international internship outside the U.S. and not in my home country?

If you are considering applying for funding for an international internship, you are encouraged to make an appointment with Jennifer Prudencio. Email her at or make an appointment in Handshake.

I received funding for my internship proposal, but I have decided to accept a different internship. Am I still eligible for the funding?

Funding decisions are based on the internship designated in your application. If, due to an extenuating circumstance, you want to request to transfer your funding to a different internship, you must contact Jennifer Prudencio at Your application will undergo another review to receive approval.

I have been offered two short-term summer internships that would meet the 240 hours requirement if I did both. Can I still apply?

No. Eligible internships for funding must be full-time internships, or at least a minimum of eight weeks at 240 total hours. 

I am an international student with a secured unpaid internship in the U.S. Is there any additional information I should know before I apply for funding?

International students who receive internship funding for a secured internship in the U.S. are required to meet with Patti Lausch, Assistant Dean of International Students and Scholar Services, to confirm your eligibility for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). If Patti confirms you are eligible for CPT, you are required to enroll in the summer Personal Development course by completing this form by May 2024.

I am a Haverford student interested in applying for BMC Internship Funding. Am I eligible to apply?

Haverford students majoring at Bryn Mawr are eligible to apply for the following grants: Pollak Grant for Sociology Majors and Bolton Grant for Cities Majors. Haverford students must select these grant names in their funding application.

Can I apply to summer funding if I am on leave?

No, students who are on a leave of absence are not eligible to apply for summer funding for the summer of 2024.

I am applying for other summer programs that are funded by Bryn Mawr. Can I still apply?

You can certainly apply to multiple opportunities for funding, but know that you can only accept one funding opportunity. For example, if you apply to Summer of Service and apply for Self-Design funding, you are not able to combine those amounts to receive more funding. Once students are notified of the decision, there is a period of time to decide if you choose to accept the funding award.

Are summer funding awards competitive?

There are many outstanding applications each year, so summer awards are competitive, but remember that many internships are funded each summer. If you do not receive funding this year, be sure to apply again next year.

What selection criteria are used in reviewing application through the Summer Internship Funding Program?

  • Funding preference goes to students based on the quality of the internship proposal and the personal statement. Well-written applications will reflect a student’s focus and understanding of how the internship fits the applicant's career plans, academics, and personal goals. Poorly written materials can be grounds for denying funding, even if the student has proposed a good internship.
  • Preference goes to proposals that clearly articulate what tasks the internship entails and that have a very good chance of being realized (i.e. proposals should include details about the secured internship).
  • Funding preference is based on student seniority and on whether the student has ever received College summer funding. For example, if two students have equally strong proposals and a choice is to be made, preference would go to the more senior student. Among senior students, preference would go to the student who had never before received any College summer funding.
  • There is a significant amount of funding that is not specifically tied to specific awards.  Some funding awards set forth specific guidelines regarding the types of internships that are eligible to be awarded. These guidelines are considered in the funding process. For example, if there is only one student, a sophomore, who submitted an internship proposal in film, and there is a funding award specific to film, that sophomore would receive funding over a junior who has never received funding not doing an internship in film.  Ideally, the junior who has never received funding could still be funded through the funding that is not specifically tied to specific awards or another award, but if all other funding was distributed, this would be a scenario where a sophomore could receive funding over a junior. These situations are unlikely, but could occur.  
  • Students with complete applications are given priority. 
  • Financial need is not a criteria for selection.

Who makes decisions for funding?

Decisions for self-design funding are made by a committee of staff and faculty from Bryn Mawr. Members of this committee vary from year to year, but typically there are no less than six people and there can be up to 10. Typically there are people from Career & Civic Engagement, Alumnae Relations and Development, the Registrar's Office, and possibly members from academic departments depending on their availability. Committee members receive a power point and specific training on how to review applications and make decisions.

Decisions for College Internship Partners are typically made by the organizations. In rare cases, organizations may request that Bryn Mawr makes decisions. In the case that Bryn Mawr decides, a committee of at least three people is formed, one of whom is a member of the Career & Civic Engagement Center. 

Members of the Career & Civic Engagement staff who work on the Career Engagement team (i.e. career counselors), are not part of any selection processes.  

How do the Bryn Mawr committees make decisions?

For self-design funding and any Bryn Mawr committees, each complete application is assigned randomly to two reviewers. Each reviewer uses specifically provided power point instructions to independently score each application from 1-4 based on predefined criteria tied directly to the application materials (resume, personal statement, internship proposal and application form). Each application receives two independent scores. The scores are used as a starting point for decision making and conversation, but in addition to the score, each applicants application is discussed by the full committee who comes to a decision together.  

I am preparing my funding application for my secured internship. Are there additional Career & Civic Engagement resources I can pursue to help me prepare a strong application?

Absolutely! Students are encouraged to utilize resources at Career Engagement to help prepare your application. You are invited to make an appointment with a career counselor or stop by drop-ins in the new Wellness Center.

Do you accept applications after the deadline?

Because deadlines are an important professional development skill and the funding process is competitive, we do not accept applications after the deadline. You must submit your application form by April 21, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. ET to be considered for funding. 

When will I be notified of the decision?

Students applying for the March 3 deadline are notified the week of March 31. Students applying for the April 21 deadline are notified the week of April 30.

Can I work off campus and live on campus this summer?

Students working or studying at Bryn Mawr may request permission to live on campus in summer of 2024; undergraduates who work on campus may live off campus; all must abide by the Student Health Agreement. 

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