Checklist for First-Year Students

This to-do list is designed to help you plan your summer and prepare for a successful first semester at Bryn Mawr. It includes major tasks across a range of areas. International students will also have highly specialized tasks to complete through the Global Portal System. If we learn of additional tasks that should be completed this summer, we will add them here and highlight them in the Weekly Tuesday Newsletter.

Required for All

Task Description When
Set Up Bryn Mawr Email Follow instructions sent emailed by Admissions in May. This is absolutely the thing to do first! Learn More ASAP
Log in to Moodle and review additional academic guidance there Use your College username and password to access the official online learning platform. Learn More ASAP
Housing Preference Form This form is for all new, guest and transfer students. By June 6
Attend Meet Your Dean Online Introduction to Advising Attend if you can or view recording to learn how to prepare for your advising meeting and course registration. Learn More Between June 22 and June 30
Medical Forms Documentation required for all new students. By July 1
Review Quantitative Readiness requirement Review and make a plan if needed! Learn More June 15

Confirm Personal Details in BiONiC

You must review and update preferred name, emergency contacts, and other details in BiONiC the next time you log in. Learn More Before Emily Balch seminar registration
Emily Balch Seminar Registration Between June 29 and July 15, select 3 choices for your required first-semester Emily Balch seminar. Learn More. June 29- July 15
Language experience and interest survey Fill out by July 1 as part of the placement process. Learn More July 1
Advising Appointment with Your Dean Appointments will be on Zoom throughout the month of July. You will be able to register for your Advising Appointment in late June. Learn More July 1-31
OneCard (Student ID)

For info:

For actual registration:

Learn More

Register and upload your photo by July 15
Review billing information and bill, and pay college bill or set up payment plan Learn More Bills available first week of July and due August 1. Payment plan begins August 1.
Musical Interest Survey A quick survey for all students to gauge interest in participation in musical activities. Learn More By Aug. 1
Preregister for Classes You'll enroll in your preferred classes through BiONiC, the Bi-College registration system. Learn More Aug. 2-10
Drug and Alcohol Safety Online Training Tutorial All incoming first year students must take the Know your limit & Opioids: what you need to know trainings. Head to the Customs New Student Orientation Moodle to learn more. July 15-Aug. 23
Academic Integrity Tutorial (AIT) This tutorial breaks down the Bryn Mawr Honor Code in relations to academics and taking classes both at BMC and Haverford College. September 29th
Health Insurance: waive or enroll Waiver available end of June and due Aug. 31. Learn More Aug. 31



Required for Some

Task Description When
Language Placement Exams Required for any language you have previous knowledge of and may study at Bryn Mawr. By July 13
Student Nutrition Special Needs Form Fill out this form to initiate contact and consultation with the College's registered dietician. Learn More July 15
Writing Diagnostic For Nonnative speakers of English International students will receive more information about this process and available resources. Learn More Between June 28 and July 9
Academic and other accommodations for students with disabilities Request for housing accommodations was due by June 1. Contact Access Services ASAP to ensure necessary academic accommodations can be place at the beginning of the semester. Learn More


Prepare for your first job at Bryn Mawr with Dining Services Gather documents now to be ready for Job Fair on-campus Aug. 25 and 26. Learn More Aug. 25-26

Optional Opportunity

Task Description When
MyStudentSupportProgram (MySSP) Download the app and register anytime to access free well-being resources and 24/7 mental health and wellbeing support. Learn More  
Religious Life Survey Submit by Aug. 1 to assist the Pensby Center in planning for the new year. Learn More Aug. 1
Register to vote in Pennsylvania Deadline for registering to vote in the Nov. 8, 2022 election is Oct. 24. Students eligible to vote in the U.S. may register anytime this summer. Learn More By Oct. 24
Attend Webinar Week and/or Wednesday Webinars Attend webinars -- or view recordings -- to learn more about various aspects of Bryn Mawr life. Learn More First Webinar June 14!