Administrative Buildings

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Gateway Building

Isabel Benham Gateway: Constructed in 1883 by Frank Furness and purchased by the College in 1964, the building houses Admissions and Financial Aid and the Controller's Office. It is named for Isabel Benham '31. Restoration and additions were executed by Buell Kratzer Powell in 1999. Address: 801 Yarrow Street.


Canwyll House

Canwyll House: A minor secondary building possibly built by Cope & Stewardson, Canwyll House houses the PostBac PreMed program. Address: 806 New Gulph Rd.


Cartref Building

Cartref: This Queen Anne-style residence was built in 1884-86 by George T. Pearson as the first president's house. Multiple alterations beginning in 1989 adversely affected its historic integrity. It now houses Dining Services. Address: 229 N. Merion Ave.


Helfarian Building

Helfarian: Originally known as "Dolgelly," this Queen Anne residence was built ca. 1885, perhaps by Addison Hutton. The College purchased it in 1896. Multiple alterations for classroom, apartments, and offices have adversely affected historic integrity. Helfarian houses Alumnae Relations and Development. Address: 225 N. Merion Ave.


Human Resources Building

Human Resources: This Ty-Bach style house was constructed in 1939-40 by Sydney E. Martin. It houses the Human Resources department. Address: 140 Morris Ave.


Campus Safety Building

Campus Safety, John J. Maloney Building: Built by the College in 1927. The building was renovated in 2005 to house the Department of Campus SafetyAddress: 910 New Gulph Rd.



Pen-Y-Groes President's Residence

Pen-Y-Groes: Constructed in 1907-08 by Winsor Soule & Lockwood de Forest, this home was built for the College Dean when M. Carey Thomas gave the position to Marion Reilly. It was renovated in 1922-23 by Price & Walton, and in 2008 by Venturi, Scott, Brown and Associated with CVM Engineering. This is the president's residence. Address: 1007 Wyndon Ave.


Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall: Constructed in 1879-84 by Addison Hutton, this was the original administrative and academic building of the College. It is essentially intact, with the important exception of replacement windows. The President's Office and the Provost's Office reside in Taylor. Address: 224 N. Merion Ave.


Ward Building

Ward: Constructed in 2001-02 by Richard Conway Meyer/W.S. Cumby & Son, the Ward building houses Facilities Services, Housekeeping, and Transportation. Address: 245 N. Roberts Rd.


Wyndham Alumnae House

Wyndham Alumnae House: Constructed in the mid-18th Century (ca. 1796-1890), this residence was originally owned by Thomas and Patience Morgan. It is home to the Alumnae Association and the Wyndham Bed and Breakfast. Address: 215 N. Merion Ave.