Academic/Student Use Buildings

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Bettws-Y-Coed building

Bettws-Y-Coed: Built in 1913-14 and designed by Baily & Bassett, the Colonial Revival Bettws-y-Coed houses Psychology and Education. Restoration of the house and construction of a major new addition was completed in 2004. The project added 30,985 square feet of usable space to the campus. Address: 151 N. Merion Ave.


Cambrian Row buildings

Cambrian Row: This student-activities village at Roberts Road was completed in  2004. The renovations were made possible by a gift from Lois Collier '50 and her husband, Reg. Addresses: Clynnoc, 215 N. Roberts Rd; Aelwyd, 217/219 N. Roberts Rd; Dolwen, 221 N. Roberts Rd; and the Pensby Center, 229 N. Roberts Rd.


Campus Center, Bryn Mawr College

Marie Salant Neuberger Centennial Campus Center: Constructed in 1907-09 by Winsor Soule & Lockwood de Forest, a 1983 renovation by Bower Lewis Thrower was made possible by a grant from Marie Salant Neuberger '30. The center houses the Bookstore, Conference and Events, and Uncommon Grounds Café. Address: 816 New Gulph Rd.


Dalton Hall

Dalton Hall: Named after British chemist and physicist John Dalton, this hall was constructed by Charles F. Osborne with J.C. Worthington during 1891–1893. Major interior renovations came in 1938, and overall renovations in 2006. Address: 230 N. Merion Ave.


English House

English House: Constructed in 1911 by architect/builder Morris & Erskine, English House was originally owned by George Vaux IX, and called "the Thicket." Interior alterations for office and classroom use were made by Paul Steege & Associates in 1999. Address: 817 New Gulph Rd.


Goodhart Hall at dusk

Goodhart Hall: Constructed in 1926-28 by Mellor, Meigs & Howe, Marjorie Walter Goodhart Hall underwent a major renovation in 2009. It houses the McPherson Auditorium, Hepburn Teaching Theater, and Goodhart Music Room. Address: 150 N. Merion Ave.


Guild Hall

Guild Hall: Constructed in 1984-85 by Edward Larrabee Barnes, the Eugenia Chase Guild Hall houses the undergraduate deans office, the registrar's office, student activities, international programs, student access services, and residential life. Address: 780 New Gulph Rd.

College Hall

Old Library: Constructed in 1901-07 by Cope & Stewardson. In 1936-40, the Quita Woodward Wing was added (Thomas & Martin), and in 1994-95, Rhys Carpenter Library was added to the rear. Address: 212 N. Merion Ave.

Park Science Building

Marion Edwards Park Science Building: Constructed in 1937-38 by Thomas & Martin, Park Science houses the Collier Science Library. Address: 906 New Gulph Rd.


Pensby Center

Pensby: Constructed in 1888-89 by J.C. Worthington, Pensby was formerly faculty housing. Address: 229 N. Roberts Rd.


Child Study Institute

Phebe Anna Thorne School (formerly Child Study Institute): Constructed ca. 1880, the formerly Child Study Institute received major alterations by Cope Linder in 1988, and further renovations by Brawer & Hauptman in 1999. In 2019, the building was again renovated by Brawer & Hauptman to allow for the relocation of the Phebe Anna Thorne School. Address: 1029 Wyndon Ave.

Russian House

Russian House: Originally owned by Mary James Vaux and built ca. 1936 by William Darragh, Russian House was a garage and chauffer's apartment, purchased by the College along with the main house, "the Thicket," which is now English House. Address: 815 New Gulph Rd.


Schwartz Fitness and Athletics Center

Schwartz Fitness and Athletic Center: Constructed in 1982 by Daniel G. Tully, Schwartz houses the Athletics Department. It underwent a major renovation in 2010. Address: 241 N. Roberts Rd.


Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research: Constructed in 1955-56 by Edward L. Holland, the building was originally named Rosemont College Preparatory School. Major additions were made in 1966 by Holland. Address: 300 Airdale Rd.


Student Life and Wellness Building:  Constructed in 2002 the building houses the Health and Wellness Center, Career & Civic Engagement Center and the The Impact Center for Community, Equity, and Understanding. Address: 712 New Gulph Rd

West House

West House: Constructed ca. 1896, West House houses the Phebe Anna Thorne School. Address: 1025 Wyndon Ave.