Travel-Related Insurance

The College’s property, casualty, and special risk insurance coverage is a component of the College’s risk management program. The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for establishing appropriate coverage, managing claims and implementing various measures to mitigate risks and losses.

The College maintains the following insurance programs for Bryn Mawr students, faculty and staff traveling abroad on College-affiliated business.

Emergency Medical Health Insurance

The College works with Chubb NA and AXA Assistance to provide international health and security insurance for faculty, staff and students traveling outside of the U.S. on College-affiliated travel or with College funds. The College's Global Medical or international travel policy covers emergency medical expenses resulting from an accident or illness while traveling abroad, medical evacuations, security evacuations and repatriations. The insurance provider requires advance notice of travel to Afghanistan, Algeria, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, India (Excluding only Assam/Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir), Iran, Iraq, Israel (including Gaza Strip/West Bank), Korea (North), Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Moldova, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, North Caucasus, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Thailand (Pattani, Yala, Songkhala & Narathiwat Provinces), Ukraine, Venezuela, and Yemen, as additional information will be needed for approval. Please note that this list is updated frequently and updated lists can be requested by contacting

The policy does not cover routine medical care. Travelers are encouraged to take care of routine medical care prior to participating in a College-affiliated program abroad. Bryn Mawr students are further required to maintain medical insurance coverage that is valid in their home country, even when traveling overseas, for continuity of care in the event of a medical emergency abroad. 

All active Bryn Mawr employees and students traveling for a College-sponsored program outside of the United States are eligible for coverage. No action is required to enroll. Participants should always carry a copy of the insurance card while abroad. Undergraduate student travelers will be provided a copy of the insurance card by their respective program coordinator. All other travelers can contact Sakinah Rahman at or for a copy of the insurance card.

Bryn Mawr travel benefits extend to legal spouses and dependent children traveling with current faculty and staff on Bryn Mawr-affiliated travel. Family members traveling with Bryn Mawr faculty and staff may voluntarily enroll in the policy at a cost of $40 per calendar month per family member. Enrollment of family members and receipt of payment is required in advance of the trip. Enrollment is enabled by completion of the international travel insurance enrollment form and submission to

For medical referrals, evacuation, repatriation or other services please contact AXA Assistance (24/7) at 1-855-327-1414 (Toll-Free), 1-630-694-9764 (Direct Dial) or (Email).

Chubb partnered with AXA Assistance to provide emergency medical and travel services and pre-trip travel information. AXA offers 24/7 telemedicine and behavioral health services by trained, licensed and experienced medical or mental health professionals. This service can be accessed by AXA’s Doctor Please! mobile app. AXA’s travel assistance portal, Travel Eye, can be assessed at Travel EYE provides real-time information on global events, country security risk, and access to AXA’s global medical network.

The policy does not offer trip cancelation or interruption protection. Below is a link to obtain a quote for cancelation and interruption insurance to cover excluded services:

Auto Insurance

When renting a car outside the U.S., its territories, Puerto Rico or Canada, both liability and physical damage coverage must be purchased in the local country or jurisdiction at the minimum limits required in the country. The College’s international automobile insurance is in excess of local coverage for an auto liability claim involving an employee, volunteer or student while traveling abroad. The coverage applies only when the local coverage is exhausted.

Workers Compensation, General Liability and Property Insurance

The College also has insurance that covers Bryn Mawr employees, volunteers, and students for personal injuries while working abroad or to cover loss or damage to College property abroad. If you are an employee traveling for business purposes and are injured, please immediately contact Human Resources. If you have an experience that might involve the injury of a student, damage to College property or need assistance filing a claim, please contact Sakinah Rahman ( as soon as possible.

College travelers are encouraged to enter travel, group or individual, in the College’s travel registry. Visit the College's Travel Resources site for additional information about preparedness plan and checklists, the College travel registry, and other resources available to travelers.

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