Travel-Related Insurance and Issues

The College’s property, casualty, and travel insurance coverage is a component of the College’s risk management program. The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for establishing appropriate coverage, managing claims, and implementing various measures to mitigate risks and losses.

Supplemental International Travel Insurance (click here for more detail and instructions)

The College carries a supplemental insurance policy that provides international travel accident coverage for students, faculty and staff traveling for purposes related to their work at the College or sponsored by the College. The policy covers emergency medical costs incurred during business travel after a $100 deductible. The policy also covers 100% of the cost of medical emergency evacuation. Emergency medical or travel arrangements must be coordinated by the insurance provider in order for services and costs to be covered. The policy does not cover routine medical care. The travel insurance policy does not cover personal travel of a student, faculty or staff member, even if it is added on to the official trip. However, family members traveling with Bryn Mawr faculty and staff during College-related trips may voluntarily enroll in the policy at a cost of $40 per calendar month per family member (the minimum cost is the cost for one month even if the trip is for less than one month). Enrollment of family members and receipt of payment is required in advance of the travel.

Auto Liability

When renting a car outside the U.S., its territories, Puerto Rico or Canada, both liability and physical damage coverage must be purchased in the local country or jurisdiction. Whether or not the purchase of car rental insurance is required by local law, vehicle rental insurance should always be purchased for international rentals. The minimum limits to be purchased are the greater of the jurisdiction's minimum requirements or the equivalent in U.S. dollars of $10,000 each person/$20,000 each accident for Bodily Injury Liability and $10,000 each accident for Property Damage Liability. The College’s international automobile insurance provides only for excess insurance over local coverage for an auto liability claim involving an employee, volunteer or student while traveling abroad. The coverage applies only when the local coverage is exhausted.

Workers CompensationGeneral Liability, and Property insurance

The College also has insurance that covers Bryn Mawr employees, volunteers, and students for personal injuries while working abroad or to cover loss or damage to College property abroad. If you are an employee traveling for business purposes and are injured, please immediately contact Human Resources. If you have an experience that might involve the injury of a student or damage to College property, please contact Sakinah Rahman ( as soon as possible.

Health Insurance and Dental Insurance

The College's Global Medical or supplemental international travel insurance covers expenses associated with medical emergencies (an accident or illness) when the employee or student is traveling outside of their home country.  Other medical and dental coverage while traveling is likely to be treated as out-of-network. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to contact their health insurance carrier well in advance of the travel dates to understand the implications and to take care of routine medical care prior to travel. Employees who are covered by a health plan available through the College can read more about the coverage impacts and recommended preparations on the Human Resources website.

Traveling with a College Computer (click here for more detail and instruction) 

To protect against data breaches and intrusion, data encryption is/will be implemented on all College computers. Once your computer is encrypted, there are some additional considerations when it comes to international travel since some nations have travel restrictions related to encrypted computers (China and Russia, among others). If you hope to travel internationally with a College device, please contact the Help Desk well in advance of your travel date for a LITS consult. LITS will work with you on finding a solution that will accommodate your needs, meet the requirements of the country, and appropriately protect the College's (and your personal) data.

Finance Key Contacts

Visit the College's Travel Resources site for additional information about preparedness plan and checklists, the College travel registry, and other resources available to travelers.