There are many opportunities for students interested in health and health care. Many Bryn Mawr students ask about dentistry, medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, physician assistant, public health, and veterinary medicine. But there is a diverse array of other careers that enable individuals to serve the public through health care. We at HPAO are eager to help you explore and prepare for any health profession.  

Within most health fields, there are possibilities to craft careers with different emphases (e.g., research, administration, policy), to serve in different contents (e.g., community, institutional settings), or to serve different populations (e.g., pediatric, geriatric).   

Further, some professionals combine training in more than one field (e.g., MD/PhD, MSN/JD, MPH/MSW, PT/MBA).  

To learn about all health professions and to consider whether a career in health care would be a good fit for you, visit this comprehensive resource: ExploreHealthCareers.org.

Make an appointment with Assistant Dean Gail G. Glicksman to discuss the prehealth pathways that interest you: gglicksman@brynmawr.edu; 610-526-7350.

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