OneCard for Building Access

All dormitories — as well as many academic and administrative buildings — are equipped with door access readers.

Your OneCard is literally your “key” to the dorms. To enter a dorm, wave the card in front of the card reader located outside the building. You will hear a “beep” followed by a “click.” Pull the door to enter. After five seconds, the door will re-secure and the card will have to be presented again in order to open it. Exiting a building is neither controlled nor affected by the access system. 

Note: The doors are also fitted with prop alarms which will sound an alarm, locally and at Campus Safety, if the door is left open for more than 45 seconds. To silence the alarm, simply close the door. If you need to prop a door for an extended period of time, please contact:

  • Bryn Mawr College Campus Safety at 610-526-7911
  • Haverford College Campus Safety at 610-896-1111.