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International Student Loans

How to Access Your International Loan

  1. Accept, Reduce, or Decline your International Loan. Go to by using your Bryn Mawr user ID and password.
  2. Complete and sign the Self-Certification Form, Approval Disclosure form, Promissory Note, and Questionnaire. If you accept the loan, we will mail these forms to your campus mail box address just prior to your arrival on campus in the fall. 
  3. Attend the Entrance Loan Counseling Workshop during Orientation Week. The date and time of this workshop will be sent o you prior to Orientation Week. Please complete as much of the following forms as possible: The Self-Certification Form, Approval Disclosure Form, Promissory Note and Questionnaire and bring them with you to the workshop. You will have the chance to ask questions about your loan and the forms at the workshop. 
  4. During the Entrance Loan Counseling Workshop, you will receive your final Disclosure Statement.
  5. You may cancel this loan up to 3 days after signing the promissory note. If you have not canceled this loan after 3 days, we will credit your loan funds to your student account.

International Loan Information

Fixed Interest Rate: 5%

Repayment Interest Rate

  • Your rate is fixed at 5%. This means your interest rate will remain the same for the life of the loan.
  • Your In-School Interest Rate: While you are enrolled at least half-time, the interest rate on your loan will be 0%.
  • Your Interest Rate during Grace Period: The interest rate during your grace period will be 0%.

Loan Fees

  • There are no loan fees charged for this loan.

Term of Loan

  • The maximum repayment period is 10 years. Borrower will be notified of minimum payment and repayment period at exit interview.  

Repayment - OPTION 1

Make no payments while in school; repay loan before end of grace period.

Sample Loan Amount: $10,000.00
Sample Interest Rate: 0%
Sample Total Paid: $10,000.00


Repayment - OPTION 2

Make no payments while in school; maximum repayment period is 10 years, however the period may be shorter depending upon total amount borrowed.

Sample Loan Amount: $10,000.00
Sample Interest Rate: 5%
Sample Total Paid: $12,660.75


About the Repayment Examples

The repayment example #2 above is based on a 5% fixed rate of interest and $10,000 loan amount. It assumes the borrower remains in school for 4 years and repayment will last ten years.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Borrower must be enrolled at Bryn Mawr College at least half time.

UNISA is the billing company for International Loans. Contact UNISA at:  1-800-875-8910

  • You may access your account information and make domestic payments on your loan at:  Payments must be made from an American bank account.

To make loan payments from outside the United States:
Use the Flywire Loan Payment website:

  • If you file for bankruptcy you may still be required to pay back this loan.
  • International Loans must be awarded as part of your financial aid offer. International students may not apply for financial aid after being admitted to the College. 
  • Borrowing limits are fixed. You may not borrow more than the amount offered as part of your financial aid award from year to year.
  • International Students do not qualify for U.S. Department of Education federal loans.



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