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Refunds & Withdrawals

When a student account has a credit balance created by an overpayment including from a disbursement of financial aid, a student is eligible for a refund.

If the credit balance is created from disbursed Federal funds such as Direct Loans, Direct PLUS Loans, Pell Grants or a Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), the refund will be processed within 14 days of disbursement to the account. Students whose PLUS loan applications indicated the refund should be issued to the parent borrower will have their refunds issued by check and made payable to the parent borrower. Requests to retain the credit balance on the student account must be sent to Student Accounts in writing.

For credit balances created by an overpayment from non-Federal funds including an outside scholarship, private loan, or regular payment a refund must be requested using this form.

Student Accounts processes refunds once a week and the Controller's Office distributes them on Mondays, either as a paper check or direct deposit. Checks and direct deposit statements are mailed to your campus mailbox unless otherwise directed. Direct Deposit is the College's recommended method to receive refunds. Refunds follow the College's payment calendar found here.

Important Information

Students are refunded 100% of their previously paid tuition, room and board, and college fees if the Registrar receives written notice that the student has withdrawn from the College or begun a leave of absence before the first day of classes. After the first day of classes, adjustments to tuition, fees and room and board occur according to a prorated schedule to 60% attendance. No adjustments are processed for withdrawals after 60% of the semester has passed. Fall and spring breaks are not included in the calculation. Note that the Student Government Association (SGA) dues are designated as non-refundable. Room and board charges are prorated based on last date in residence which, in some cases, may be different then the date used for tuition and fees.

The date the student began the withdrawal process by contacting the Dean's Office orally or in writing is considered the date of withdrawal for tuition proration and for the return of Title IV funds. When a student continues to attend classes or other academically related activity after beginning the withdrawal process, the College may choose to use the student's last date of documented attendance at an academically related activity as the date of withdrawal. For a student who leaves the College without notifying the College of their intent to withdraw, the College normally uses the student's last date of documented attendance at an academically related activity as the date of withdrawal. If that date cannot be ascertained, the College will consider the midpoint of the enrollment period to be the date the student withdrew.

Adjustment to tuition and fees occurs when the Dean's Office notifies the Registrar and the Registrar then notifies Student Accounts. Students who have received financial aid are reviewed for adjustments to their aid and return of funds as required by Federal and State regulations. Once the tuition and fees are adjusted and any financial aid funds returned, students will receive a refund of any remaining funds paid to their account.

Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence will be refunded per the schedule outlined below. It is important to note that the official withdrawal date for a student is established by the date as outlined in the above policy.

Students will be refunded 100% of their previously paid tuition, room and board, and fees if the Registrar receives written notice of an official withdrawal before the first day of classes. 

If a student officially withdraws on or after the first day of classes, tuition refunds occur on the following schedule:

Week 1              95%
Week 2              90%
Week 3              85%
Week 4              80%
Week 5              75%
Week 6              70%
Week 7              65%
Week 8              60%



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