Bryn Mawr Student Clubs

Clubs are listed within the following interest areas: 

All  Clubs must review and abide by all Club and Community Policies.

Starting a Club: Steps for starting a new club

1. Explore the clubs already in existence at Bryn Mawr College before starting a club. If a student finds that we do not have a club which is of interest to them they can choose to start their own club. However, the club must be different than any club already on campus.

2. Gain interest and members from the student body by hosting an event. A minimum of five members is required for any new club.

3. Once you have five members you can petition the Office of Student Activities to start a new club. Petitions are accepted in September and January and the petition form will be available on the Student Activities website during the first two weeks of each semester.

4. If funding is desired, the new club must submit a written constitution to SGA's Student Finance Committee in the beginning of the semester. Please review the Constitution Guide for a template. Constitution Guide (PDF) (Word)

5. All clubs are required to register each academic year with the Office of Student Activities at the beginning of the fall semester.


Data Science Club

Data Science... Probably, a word you hear every single day in various academic commercials. Indeed, it is an emerging field that provides new ways to approach the solutions of global problems. We live in the world of big data, and having skills in the field are crucial for success in any career path. The purpose of BMC Data Science Club is to encourage students of all academic backgrounds to get interested in extracting hidden patterns and connections in the data, collaborate on projects, ask meaningful questions, and take advantage of valuable mentorship opportunities.  Networking opportunities with alumni will be established and connections to other fields will be discussed. Let's tackle the world of big data together!

Contact: Olga Shevchuk

Engineers and Makers Club

We work with faculty, staff, and undergraduate students to create accessible on-campus engineering and technology opportunities and resources for Bryn Mawr students. We wish to enhance student education and make the field more accessible to students of all backgrounds. We hold regular meetings in which we doing making activities as destressers. We are the BMC chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). We also serve as the student liasons of the BMC Makerspace – providing materials, funding, and training to help students create whatever they can dream!

Contact: Nigina Daniyarova

Google Developer Student Club

Developer Student Clubs are university based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies. Students from all undergraduate or graduate programs with an interest in growing as a developer are welcome. By joining a DSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community. The purpose is to bridge the gap between theory and practical use. We are creating a space for students to be authentically curious. Our club will be project focus with additional webinars/talks from Google Developers. 

Contact: Judy Wang

Owl Investment Group

In 1976, an anonymous donor gave $100,000 to Bryn Mawr College for the purpose of helping students learn to invest money in the stock market along with getting familiar with financial world. The Owl Investment Group was formed and has tracked its portfolio, traditionally giving back money to Bryn Mawr College in the form of club and other donations, and outperforming the S&P 500 index annually..

Contact:  Lisa Adanye

Pre-Health Society

Prehealth Society is for students interested in going into health professions. This club works with the Prehealth Office to schedule events that expose students to different health-related careers and also helps connect pre-health undergrads in Bryn Mawr with one another.   

Contact: Amara Saha

Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society invites people with an interest in the law to become members. This group is meant to be a community for those who are contemplating taking the LSAT and/or are considering a career in law. We will host events that will allow members to hear from actual law students, admissions counselors, and Bryn Mawr alum on the law school admissions process, law school, and what it's like to practice as a lawyer! Events include law-related movie nights, watching and following local trial proceedings, learning about the ways lawyers can use the law as a tool of advocacy, and discuss the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and receive access to study partners and resources.

Contact: Andreanna Papatheodorou

Society of Physics Students (SPS)

The purpose of this club is to create a Bryn Mawr chapter of the Society of Physics Students, an organization created by the American Institute of Physics to encourage fellowship between physics students and increase interest in the field. This club will act as a place for students interested in physics to gather and promote fellowship between other physics students through the Society of Physics Students organization. Additionally, we will host outreach events to advertise different opportunities in physics and different ways to connect.  

Contact: Samantha Berry

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Asian Students' Association

The Bryn Mawr Asian American Students Association (A/ASA), is a space for Asian-identifying students, including but not limited to East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islanders.   We aim to explore and embrace the multiplicity of cultures and identities falling under the Asian umbrella, to discuss cultural, social, and political aspects relevant to our identities, and to strengthen connections in current and past members of A/ASA.

Contact: Kayla Thompson and Melanie Sung-Clarke

Association of International Students

AIS is an organization open to both, international and domestic students in the Bryn Mawr community. The club believes in the spirit of integration, and exists to allow international students a supportive network which aids in their understanding of the United States, its environment and culture. We teach students how to navigate being away from home, and foster a sense of unity between all members. Club membership entails having access to resources for international students to understand processes and concepts such as OPT, Health Insurance, Travel Endorsements and how to grapple English as a second language. Members are also given opportunities for community engagement; our meetings are platforms for open dialogue that enable students to educate the community about their home countries while simultaneously learning about others. This year, we plan to branch out the ties of our network to other International Student Organizations and Support Groups in the TriCo.

Contact: Hongling Chen


The purpose of this organization is to foster a community, articulate, and promote the needs of students of African and Caribbean descent.

Contact: Fiyona Berhe and Camillah Canty

Dharmic Students Association

We are an affinity group providing a platform for BMC students to practice Dharmic religions and raise awareness in the community about these traditions.

Contact:  Leo Mediratta

*Japanese Students Association

We hope to spread awareness to the Bi-Co community about Japanese and Japanese-American culture. We hope to do this by holding both interactive and educational events to help expand the community’s knowledge about different aspects of Japanese culture, such as history, culinary arts, traditional arts, and pop culture. Through other social and cultural events, we hope to be able to provide networking opportunities with other JSA’s in the great Philadelphia area. Through our activities we aim to provide our community with a more comprehensive view of Japan. 

Contact: Yui Kosukegawa

Korean Student Association

Bryn Mawr Korean Student Association (KSA) is a student-run organization and a member of Alliance of Multicultural Organization (AMO) at Bryn Mawr College. KSA hopes to foster a community among Korean international, Korean-American, and non-Korean affiliated students who share an interest in Korean culture and issues. We focus on raising awareness for the greater Bryn Mawr community on Korean culture and issues facing the Korean community and establishing an understanding of different Korean identities.

Contact: Chanhee Jeong

Mawrters for Immigrant Justice

Mawrters for Immigrant Justice is a grassroots activist group for fair inclusion of undocumented Mawrters on campus and for immigrant rights in the US. We are consisted of undocumented and documented Mawrters who are committed to defending the rights of immigrant youth, our families, and the communities we live in. We have made history on campus by making the College go public about admitting undocumented Mawrters on a fair basis and are excited to continue to make history.  

Contact: Rubia Fernandes

Mawrters for Mental Health

The purpose of this club is to spread awareness, educate, and advocate for issues regarding mental health. We welcome those who have been affected by mental illness, friends and family of those struggling, and people who just want to learn more! Everyone is welcome. We are an open, non-judgmental space for people to talk about anything related to mental health - what “mental health/illness” means, advocacy, what the facts are, and what we can do to affect positive change in society.

Contact: Emma Fiorini


Mujeres* aims to foster a homelike environment and provide a space for Latinx students and allies on campus to have conversations about our cultural identities, celebrate them, and educate the Bryn Mawr community on Latinx issues occurring both inside and outside of campus. Mujeres* strives to increase the visibility of Latinx student voices, bringing awareness to issues concerning academia, legislation, advocacy, and the Latinx community at large.

Contact: Bobbie Villaboz

Pagan and Wiccan Student Association

The PWSA is an affinity group which aims to connect Pagan and Wiccan students to one another. The intention is to create a community for learning, practicing, and support for those students. 

Contact: Charley Mestrich

Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Alliance is a social, cultural, and political group. Through meetings, discussions, campus-wide events, and participation in the greater Philadelphia community, we foster a community that is supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, nonbinary, intersex, asexual, aromantic, queer, and questioning students, as well as their allies and those who identify as none of the above. Also we have great snacks!

Contact: Laura Rodgers

Russian Club

The Bryn Mawr College Russian Club is open to students from the tri-college consortium. It hosts Russian table, a bi-weekly opportunity for students of all levels to informally practice their language skills with other Russian speakers. Russian Club also holds social/academic events such as movie nights, game nights, and plans the Evening of Russian Culture that takes place each spring. 

Contact: Julia Hablak


Sisterhood* is a collective for Black and African American people at Bryn Mawr College. Sisterhood* provides a space to uplift, celebrate, and encourage those who identify with the African Diaspora. We seek to create community and spark conversation on Bryn Mawr's campus. We hold bi-weekly meetings to discuss issues that affect the Black community at large, and to build family amongst people of colour on campus. Sisterhood* seeks to honour and embrace Blackness on campus, as well as promote self-love amongst racial challenges we face as a society. We host regular events celebrating the talent and intellectualism of our members and offer a safe space for dialogue. Sisterhood* is open to all genders and gender expressions. 

Contact: Shaylin Williams

South Asian Society (SAS)

Together, we as a group of South Asian students on Bryn Mawr campus, wish to celebrate the beautiful and colorful South Asian culture and become each other’s home away from home.

Contact: Haiqa Kamran

Vietnamese Student Association

Vietnamese Student Association is a club specifically for students with Vietnamese heritage, but anyone interested is welcome to join. Primarily, we form a network to support Vietnamese students in their transition to college life. Secondary, we organize food workshops and open-mic shows to celebrate Vietnamese cuisines and culture. We also hold regular meetings to foster bonding between group members.

Contact: Hien Nguyen


Zami+ is a group for queer BIPOC both on and off campus. We’re a community based group focused on inclusion, diversity, as well as discovering and embracing our identities. We hope you consider joining our group this semester! 

Contact:  Isabella Acuna

Awareness and Advocacy

Enable: Neurodiversity Affinity and Awareness Group

The purpose of this organization shall be to support & empower the neurodivergent community at Bryn Mawr & Haverford Colleges, and to raise awareness of disability issues on our campuses. We are an affinity group under the umbrella of the Pensby Center’s Alliance of Multicultural Organizations (AMO). 

Contact: Sophie Greer


Fem-Co. (Feminist Coalition) is an organization open to all BMC students to establish a broad constituency to work in pursuit of feminist ideals -- social, political, and economic equality for the sexes, to study and take action on national, campus, and local feminist issues and concerns, to provide leadership and career building opportunities for feminist students, and to educate the community about feminist issues.

Contact: Lucie Powers

Green Ambassadors

The Green Ambassador's mission is to educate our Bryn Mawr  community about campus environmental concerns, methods of on campus environmental stewardship, and social responsibility within the context of our community. Through weekly meetings, monthly events, and on campus initiatives, Green Ambassadors work to ensure that environmental concern is an integral part of daily life at Bryn Mawr informing our academics, administrative decisions, and community practices. Please contact Aaliyah Joseph at if you are interested in becoming a Green Ambassador!

Contact: Aaliyah Joseph

Health & Wellness Center Advisory Board

We are an SGA committee serving as a liaison between the student body and the Health & Wellness Center. Our goal is to dispel stigma and misconceptions regarding the BMC Health & Wellness Center to make it a space that all students feel welcome and comfortable in. We communicate student experiences, concerns, and needs with the Health & Wellness Center and collaborate with them to improve the student experience. We organize health-oriented events and stressbusters, and maintain an active social media presence to improve student connectivity with BMC medical and counseling services as well as sharing updates, events, and resources.

Contact: Whitney Rigodon


iChronic aims to create a community and support system for students living with or affected by chronic illness. Through bi-weekly meetings and connection with other students, we want to ensure that no student feels alone transitioning to college and throughout their time in the Bi-Co. As well as being a space for connection and positivity, we hope to make the Bi-Co more accessible by spreading awareness.

Contact: Shiraz Harel

Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Alliance is a social, cultural, and political group. Through meetings, discussions, campus-wide events, and participation in the greater Philadelphia community and beyond, we foster a community that is supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, nonbinary, intersex, asexual, aromantic, queer, and questioning students, as well as their allies and those who identify as none of the above. Also we have great snacks!

Contact: Laura Rodgers

Social Justice Movie Club

Social Justice Movie club connects alumni, current students, and the broader community for engaging conversations about pressing issues. The group will discuss a new "movie that matters" every month. Joining the group is free. The group will watch a range of movies including box office hits, Oscar winners, independent films, and documentaries. If you love watching movies and care about important social issues, this is definitely the place for you!

Contact: Veronica Ramirez

Stories That Live 

Stories That Live is connected to the organization at Chabad, wherein students can sign up to meet and befriend Holocaust Survivors in their spare time, and at the end of the semester, they create a creative project to tell the story of the Survivor. 

Contact: Emma Schechter

The Hidden Opponent at Bryn Mawr College

The purpose of this organization shall be to face #TheHiddenOpponent. We are an advocacy group that raises awareness for student-athlete mental health and addresses the stigma within sports culture. What We Do:  Advocate: We believe that all student-athletes should be able to speak openly about their mental health experiences without worrying about being judged or viewed as weak. Our platform help’s amplify the voices and needs of student- athletes.   Educate: We will bring light to the many issues and struggles that student-athletes face, raising awareness to break the stigma of mental health in athletic culture. We hope to give athletic programs, clubs, and society a different perspective on the student-athlete lifestyle.  Support: This community is a safe space for all student-athletes to feel heard, supported, and loved.

Contact: Sidney Bachrach

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Self-Government Association (SGA)

The Self-Government Association (often referred to as SGA) is the self-governing body of the undergraduate students of Bryn Mawr College. Students practice self-governance which allows them to create rules and principles for the members of SGA to abide by.

Contact:  SGA

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Bi-Co Film Society

Bi-Co Film Society provides film screenings to the Bi-Co community with a focus on media that is not typically promoted in the mainstream film industry.  

Contact: Eric Chung

Her Campus

Her Campus is a national media brand with 400+ chapters in 10+ countries. As a media brand, not only do we publish articles on our website, but we also learn how to create a brand through our presence on campus and online. We look forward to bringing brand collaborations to campus, as well as collaborating with other student groups on campus.

Contact: Ava Cappitelli

Nimbus Magazine

Nimbus Magazine is Bryn Mawr’s on campus literary and arts magazine, dedicated to publishing and promoting student writing, poetry, stories, essays, art, and more! Submit work for consideration to

Contact: Bankston Creech

*The Bi-College News

The Bi-College News is the historic newspaper of Bryn Mawr and Haverford College that has been in operation since 1909. We focus on covering a diverse array of topics in the Bi-Co community, including special events, arts, sports, opinions, and news. We maintain a staff of over 25 writers and photographers that contribute to the publishing of a weekly online edition and multiple print issues during the semester. Our staff also maintains a strong social media presence as we seek to strengthen our presence on campus to reach our goal of being the primary source of news for both Haverford and Bryn Mawr.

Contact: Anna Hsu

The College News

The College News is a feminist news journal which serves as a source of information and self-expression for the Bryn Mawr community. Recognizing feminism as a collective process, we work collaboratively to center narratives of community members of color, trans community members, folks with disabilities, and community members from low-income backgrounds.  Through this continuing dialogue, we seek to promote communication and understanding while fostering independence and growth through expression.

Contact: Sydney Chun

Music and Performing Arts


The Acabellas are a Bryn Mawr-only a cappella group! Our repertoire includes a variety of genres including pop, alternative, show tunes, and more! While we are very passionate about our music, we also believe our rehearsals should be a space where everyone can be themselves and have fun. 

Contact: Johanna Klaiman


Afreen is a proudly non-audition, no experience needed South Asian fusion dance team! We combine various dance styles, including Bharatnatyam, Garba, Bhangra, belly-dancing, and Bollywood, to create an amazing show you will definitely want to be part of!

Contact: Madhumita Gupta


AJOYO is an afro-beats dance group focused on embracing and sharing West African dancing through both modern and traditional movement. AJOYO serves to depict an authentic culture that is often appropriated throughout the BMC community and beyond.    

Contact:  Amell Garrison


*Choom Boom

Hello, welcome to Choom Boom!  We are Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges' first Kpop dance club, est. 2008.  We are proudly non-audition and welcome anyone and everyone from all dance levels (no experience needed)!  We’d love to have you! Come join us for some K-pop fun :) 

Contacts: Amara Saha

*Counterpoint A Capella

Counterpoint is the only high-voiced bi-co a cappella group. We sing a wide assortment of genres and perform at least two concerts every semester.

Contact: Alissa Vandenbark

Extreme Keys

The original a cappella group from Bryn Mawr College. The Extreme Keys came together in 1981 to sing and have a good time (not necessarily in that order). Verging on three amazing decades together, the Extreme Keys proudly hold the title of the oldest female a cappella group in the Haverford/Bryn Mawr consortium! We're notorious for our electric energy and killer concerts! 

Contact: Ariel Zhang

*Fall Student Dance Concert

FSDC is annual student-run event that enables dancers and choreographers to celebrate and display their talents within a formal setting in front of their peers in the bi-college community. The production showcases all styles of choreography and movement, and gives students interested in technical theatre an opportunity to display their skills.  

Contact: Kimiye Maeshiro

*Flute Choir

Flute Choir is a small ensemble for Bi-Co flute players (all skill levels are welcome)! We rehearse twice a week for one hour and host a concert every semester. If you play the flute, we'd love to have you! 

Contact: Joy Kruse


Kalā is a newly-established Indian Classical Arts club (Kalā means ‘art’ in Sanskrit). The goal of this club is to create a community that is passionate about learning and/or performing traditional Indian Classical Art forms including various styles of Indian Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam, Kathak, etc.) and Indian Classical music (Carnatic classical & Hindustani classical).
This club welcomes all students regardless of previous dance/musical experience & does not require an audition to join!

Contact: Ankita Jain

Lavender's Blue

Lavender's Blue is a fun, chill a cappella group, where we sing a variety of music, focusing on doo-wop, oldies, and classic hits. We're open to all levels of experience, so come sing and have a fun time with us!

Contact: Catie Robinson

*Looney Tunes A Cappella

Hello! We're the Looney Tunes, the only Bi-Co, all-gender a cappella group. We sing a variety of music, from Daniel Caesar to Vulfpeck to Janelle Monae, and we're auditioning all voice parts this semester. Come sing with us! Haverford contact: Maya Johnson-Fraidin - Bryn Mawr contact: Lindley McCutcheon -

Contact: Lindley McCutcheon

Night Owls A Cappella

We are the official a cappella group of Bryn Mawr that has sung a collection of songs ranging from classical to pop (sometimes even rap). We hold auditions for all members of the Bryn Mawr community. We perform for a variety of audiences including alumni, prospective students, faculty, and the larger Bryn Mawr community. We hope to continue contributing to the community of a cappella groups at Bryn Mawr and the larger tri-co.

Contact: Cara Cobden

*Pulso Latino

The purpose of the organization is to provide the Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore communities with opportunities to learn and to practice Latin dance through instruction, guided practice, and social dancing activity. Pulso Latino will introduce the styles of Bachata, Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue, Folklórico, Samba, Flamenco, Cha-cha, and other Latin-influenced dance styles. Members will be given the opportunity to both audition for and choreograph individual pieces, which are performed at the end of each semester and during special events. 

Contact: Estefania Torres

*Scottish Country Dance

We’re a dance club with weekly meetings that are a combination of technique instruction and social dance. We welcome anyone and everyone interested in dance or trying it for the first time. Our club is one of the few dance clubs on campus that focuses on social dance rather than performance, this gives people of all skill levels a more low-key environment to try out dancing!

Contact: Jordan Beck

Shakespeare Performance Troupe

Shakespeare Performance Troupe is a student theater group dedicated to performing the works of William Shakespeare and other dramatic works related to the Shakespeare canon.  We perform at least one play each semester, and all productions are entirely student-run. 

Contact: Alan Wiborg

*/Shift/ Dance Company

Shift is a contemporary focused, bi-co dance group. We were founded with the intention to offer intense training, opportunities to choreograph and perform, and a close-knit dance community to committed dancers at Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges. We meet 12-16 hours/week for ballet and contemporary technique classes/rehearsals, consisting of classes taught by members, as well as the advanced ballet classes offered through Bryn Mawr Dance Dept. We either host or perform in a dance concert on Haverford's campus each semester. Our main goal is provide a company where dancers can maintain and build their technique and we rehearse rigorously, we value creating a strong dance community. Membership is determined by audition, and we accept new members at the beginning of each academic semester. For questions or information, please contact We will be happy to answer any and all questions!  

Contact: Amelia Stieglitz

Spoon-Fed Sketch Comedy

Spoon-Fed is a sketch comedy troupe at Bryn Mawr College. We write, act in, direct, and produce shows on campus during the academic year!

Contact: Jenna Margolis

*TriCo Mayuri 

Mayuri is the premiere and only Tri-co South Asian fusion dance team that incorporates classical Indian dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Odissi, and Kathak; folk styles like Bhangra and Garba; and western dance styles such as Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, and Jazz. The members of Mayuri choreograph cultural dances and perform them at various venues and events in Philadelphia. 

Contact: Krithika Tupil

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Bryn Mawr College Democrats

Bryn Mawr Democrats offers political representation progressive students, as well as anyone that want to join. As a club, we help bring different politicians and activists to campus to speak. We also host events surrounding policy issues, where students can gain information, as well as voice their own opinions. We also help to spread information about local elections, policy issues, and work increase voter turn out for the college. 

Contact: Amanda Blatz

Bryn Mawr College Socialists

The purpose of the Bryn Mawr College Socialists is to organize direct action and work with other local socialist organizations such as unions, facilitate discussion of socialist thought on campus, and inform students about relevant current events and socialist theory.

Contact: Allie Brenton

Ignite Collective (BMC Chapter)

Socialist club agitating for the BiCo and greater Philly community. We do zines, political education, public pressure campaigns, and other actions.    Join us! Ig @bicoignite  

Contact: Madeline Kessler

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Bryn Mawr Hillel

Bryn Mawr College Hillel is a student run organization whose purpose is to provide opportunities to explore and celebrate Judaism and Jewish culture, and to enrich the lives of the Bryn Mawr College community and its Jewish students. Such outlets may include, but are not limited to, the provision of religious services, the sponsorship of educational events relating to Jewish issues, organization of Tikkun Olam (community service) events, and the support of events whose purpose is to bring together Jewish students on campus in a social environment focused on Jewish culture.  Bryn Mawr College Hillel will endeavor to address the needs of Jewish students on campus and to encourage a sense of community between them by being pluralistic, welcoming, and inclusive.  

Contact: Sophie Daley-Harris

Harvest Christian Fellowship (HCF)

We are a non-denominational Christian fellowship group part of a greater church called Grace Covenant Church, and we strive to minister and foster relationships founded in faith. We welcome you to study and worship with us through gatherings such as our weekly Bible studies and Sunday services! We will also be having other fun activities joined with other nearby campuses (Haverford, Villanova, and Eastern).

Contact: Grace Hwangbo

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a multinational interdenominational group of students learning what it means to follow Jesus at Bryn Mawr. We are glad to welcome students of all backgrounds to explore faith together. We have various gatherings that meet weekly for friendship, Bible study, worship, prayer, and community service. We also participate in retreats with the Tri-Co and students from the greater Philadelphia area. Stay up to date with us on Instagram—@brynmawrivcf. If you’d like to get connected with us, fill out our contact form on our website:

Contact: Minolta Ndlovu

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) is active in facilitating a safe atmosphere in which dialogue on matters of Islamic faith can be discussed by all members of the college community, Muslims and students of other faiths alike. We aim to create an educational and enriching atmosphere where we can learn from one another through discussions, community service, prayer services, speakers, and interfaith events. Our activities include dinners, social gatherings, movie screenings, holiday dinners, ramadan events, and interfaith gatherings which are open to all members of the Bryn Mawr Community

Contact:  Houda Bouchouari

Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

Newman Catholic Campus Ministry helps students to know and love Jesus Christ in a very human way, discover Jesus, and love Him in others and His creation. We have Sunday Mass every week at 10:40 A.M. in the Goodhart Music Room and we have weekly meetings for prayer, Bible Study, and simply hanging out! Though a small community here, we are very close-knit and love spending time together at Mass, in prayer, at hangouts, after Mass for brunch, and especially at Christmas/Easter parties. For updates on events (as well as possible Mass time changes), check our Twitter @BMCatholic or Facebook @BMCCatholic! Any other questions or need more information?  Feel free to contact us!

Contact: Katherine Santarpia

Tri-Co Chabad

The Rohr Center for Jewish Life — Chabad House provides the Haverford, Bryn Mawr, and Swarthmore College communities with a Jewish home where all are welcome to explore and celebrate Jewish tradition and identity. 

Contact: Zoe Shinefield

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Service, Activism and Outreach

Amnesty International Bryn Mawr

This organization is to be an advocate for the human rights of all human beings, with guidance from and coordination with the National team and the other branches of Amnesty International USA. In this chapter, we will work with guidance from and coordination with the National team and the other branches of Amnesty International USA.

Contact: Maia Halle

Bryn Mawr Community Service Club

The Bryn Mawr Community Service Club is dedicated to provide service to immigrants and minor groups in the community, help them adapt to this country and provide appropriate support.

Contact: Shi-Chiao Tsao

Overbrook Arts Program

The coordinators plan projects and the role of volunteers is to to help the children make crafts by handing out supplies, answering questions, spending time with the children, and making the project alongside them. Volunteers don’t need any previous experience with teaching or making art.  

Contact: Sofi Guven

Owl Ambassadors

Bryn Mawr College Owl Ambassadors are an integral part of the Admissions program. By engaging with students and families in authentic experiences, they help create a meaningful visit and thereby assist in recruiting and enrolling a group of great students! Owl Ambassadors host visiting students for overnights, help greet guests for on-campus events, communicate to students over email, and over other online platforms. In addition to events and visits related responsibilities, Owl Ambassadors meet monthly to continue professional development and training. They develop skills in presentation and storytelling for diverse audiences.

Contact: Katie Critchfield

Owls for Service

WHAT? Participate in half-day service projects at various community partner sites throughout the year. WHY? This is designed for students who are unable to make a weekly, semester-long commitment. 

Contact: Amanda Blatz

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The Bryn Mawr College Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization that serves as a liaison between the Bryn Mawr athletic department, athletes and the campus by providing insight, activities and supports for all student-athletes. The SAAC at Bryn Mawr is comprised of an executive board elected by fellow athletes as well as two representatives from each team. We encourage all athletes and non-athletes to attend our meetings as we are an open forum for discussion and encourages new and diverse opinions.

Contact: Maya Schneider

Sunrise Bryn Mawr

The purpose of this organization shall be to create an inclusive movement for climate action at Bryn Mawr College as a part of the larger Sunrise Movement in hopes of involving our community in the Sunrise Movement. The Sunrise Movement strives to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people. 

Contact: Isabelle Rule-Becker

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program recruits volunteers to work with CADCOM, an agency in Norristown, PA with a mission "to mobilize the human and financial resources of Montgomery County by initiating, developing and administering community and economic development programs designed to provide the tools needed to achieve self-sufficiency."

Contact: Elizabeth Zhao

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Special Interest

180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting of Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges is a chapter of the world’s largest university-based consultancy. 180 Degrees provides socially conscious organizations around the world with very high quality, extremely affordable or free consulting services. We work with organizations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they’re facing.

Contact: Aaron Graybill


Adopt-a-Grandparent is a student-run volunteer organization that visits the seniors of Main Line Adult Day Center on a weekly basis. Through sharing music, art, games, and stories, you will foster a relationship with an adoptive “grandparent”, thus providing both you and the senior with a source of emotional fulfillment.

Contact: Chloe Nash

Anime Club

The Anime Club provides a comfortable space for Bryn Mawr community members who enjoy anime (Japanese animation) to relax and meet other people on campus with the same hobbies. The club holds weekly meetings to watch, discuss, and learn about anime, runs events such as movie nights and club outings, and organizes a yearly trip to a nearby anime convention.

Contact:  Menna Khaliel

App/Web Development Club

The App/Web Development Club intends to foster a space to encourage the design, development, and creation of mobile and web application development for all students who are interested in learning more about technology. Our mission is to encourage students of all backgrounds to collaborate and create innovative projects using the latest technology in application development. We encourage students of all experiences to build and learn with us!

Contact: Jenny Wang

Art Club

Art Club is an open community space for everyone on campus, enriching the campus with arts and crafts. We provide a fun, carefree space for people to connect with others, relax, and express themselves. Additionally, we facilitate events where people can invest in their arts and crafts interest. We are coming up with creative solutions to navigate the new social and safety challenges presented by COVID19. .

Contact: Maeve Pascoe

Bryn Mawr Board Game Club

The Board Game Club offers a space for board game enthusiasts and new comers alike to enjoy a variety of table top games. Come, have fun, and meet new friends!

Contact: Vy Pham

Bryn Mawr Chess Club

The Bryn Mawr Chess Club is a casual and welcoming space for Bryn Mawr students of all skill levels to learn and play the game of chess. No experience or knowledge is necessary! This club is about more than just a game, it is a space for people to think and get to know each other. 

Contact: Olivia Maturana

Bryn Mawr Garden Club/ Community Garden

The Bryn Mawr Garden Club runs the community garden, and also serves as the facilitator for a more general connection between students and the environment.

Contact: Daisy Shepard

Bryn Mawr Mock Trial 

Bryn Mawr College Mock Trial was founded in 2018 and is proud to compete as a member of the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). We compete in collegiate tournaments as a team of attorneys and witnesses. During meetings, we analyze the case, as well as develop questions, speeches, and strategy, while practicing our roles for competition. If you’re interested in improving your critical thinking, public speaking, writing, and legal analysis skills in a fun, engaging environment, then Mock Trial is the club for you!

Contact: Berit Kirkegaard

BMC Outdoor Club (BMCOC)

The Bryn Mawr Outdoor's Club exists for students with outdoor interests including but not limited to hiking, backpacking, water sports, winter sports, climbing (multi-pitch and top-rope), and native species.  We welcome any student to join us, and also lend out gear. This year our events will be specially planned to accommodate College policy regarding Coronavirus and everyone's safety. 

Contact: Kate Gold

Bryn Mawr Speech and Debate

The intent of the Bryn Mawr Speech & Debate team is to provide a space for undergraduate students in the Bryn Mawr community to develop speaking and critical thinking skills through healthy competition over a wide range of topics concerning both the US and global community. It is also a space for students to develop speech and artistic interpretation skills through a variety of performance style events. It is our aspiration that through this team, the wider BMC community will benefit as we see an improvement in the way we conduct dialogue of important and difficult topics.

Contact: Rem Aitbouchireb

Craft Collective

Craft Collective is a creative space for students to craft, collage and collaborate using multimedia art as an outlet for self expression. We make art that feels good and is necessary.

Contact: Amara Gregorek 

Fashion Club

Fashion club, in order to ensure a legacy and clear instructions for continuing Fashion Club on campus, has written the following rules and regulations for future members to uphold. 

Contact: Ebrar Yilmaz

First Gen in STEM

First Gen in STEM is a student organization that focuses on bridging the gap between STEM education and underrepresented students at Bryn Mawr College. Our club values inclusion, support, and community. We believe that every first generation, low income, or underrepresented student should have access to a support network and resources to ensure that they have the information to build and develop a successful STEM career not only in academics at Bryn Mawr, but beyond Bryn Mawr in a professional setting. Through this club, members would be able to find safe spaces to voice out their concerns about struggles being in STEM and build relationships with other students through our mentor-ship program to equip them with the support and opportunities they need to develop a fulfilling journey in STEM.  

Contact: Jenny Wang

*Girls Who Code 

Girls Who Code is a program offering monthly challenges with exciting new material focusing on honing computer science skills and engaging women to take action, collaborate, create, and inspire one another. Plus, exclusive opportunities to meet with industry professionals & Girls Who Code corporate partners for professional opportunities and workshops.

Contact: Minolta Ndlovu

Haverford Debate Society

We welcome members of the Bi-College community who seek to critically engage with a wide range of topics and ideas through parliamentary debate. We especially aim to empower those who may be underrepresented in the debate community. We are a member of the American Parliamentary Debate Association, a student-run debate organization that holds tournaments throughout the school year. We strive to foster a strong sense of community as we work to develop our critical thinking, research, and public thinking skills through weekly team practices.

Contact: Emily Shein

Historical Costume Society

The Historical Costume Society is a community for Bryn Mawr students of all knowledge and experience levels that are interested in dress history, historical sewing, costuming, or the study of fashion. We host monthly informal sew-ins, as well as organizing and attending costumed opportunities such as picnics and teas, or non-costumed opportunities like exhibitions and lectures, both on-campus and in the community.

Contact: Grace Richardson

Knitting Club

The Knitting Club seeks to provide resources and community for everyone who is involved with fibercraft, not just knitters. People who crochet, cross-stitch, embroider, etc. are also welcome. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn or an expert who wants to chat, we'd love for you to come to our meetings.

Contact: Rosalie Tarsala

Maximum Whimsey

Maximum Whimsy is a club dedicated to turning everyday parts of campus into unusual experiences. Through creating interactive spaces, we encourage imagination, play, and adventure in the lives of the busy student body and staff at Bryn Mawr. We do a few projects every year, ending with a display that is up for all of finals week and focuses on relaxation. Help others escape the grind. Create a world of pure imagination. Come dream for a while.

Contact: Cate Robinson

Mini World

The purpose of this organization shall be to to create a space for students to relieve stress and exercise their creative energies by crafting items in miniature. These types of crafts will allow students to develop patience, learn new hobbies, and feel a sense of accomplishment at creating and finishing various projects, thereby boosting their confidence and happiness.

Contact: Eliza Cellum

Puzzle Club

The puzzle club provides a fun, relaxing way to take a break from the stress of school by completing a wide variety of fun puzzles (crosswords, logic puzzles, sudoku, etc). The club meets once a week to complete and create puzzles of all kinds.

Contact: Nisha Choudhary

Sudo Hoot

Sudo Hoot is Bryn Mawr College's Computer Science club for hackers, coders, makers, artists, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between! Our community fosters a supportive and encouraging environment for our members to pursue their goals in technology. Through community meetings, guest lectures, tech workshops, panel discussions, and mentorship, we strive to create a social and academic space for marginalized identities in computer science.

Contact:  Nisha Choudhary

The Emerging Owls Club

The Emerging Owls Club's goal is to develop an inclusive environment where members who are new to BMC or do not know much about the area surrounding the campus can come together and explore Bryn Mawr and greater Bryn Mawr through urban exploration and enriching activities about towns and the city. The club strongly believes that to be able to thrive in any community it is important to learn about the community and surrounding communities while building connections with others.

Contact: Jenny Wang

*Train Club

Train club strives to establish an inclusive environment devoted to mass transit and topics in urbanism through train-related movie nights, trips to Philadelphia, and discussions concerning public transportation.

Contact: Shreya Bhutani


TwisT is the BiCo's first club that brings together students who have interests in drumming and (free-styling). Just as the name suggests, the club operates solely on flexibility. Its core mission is to make all activities enjoyable for all its members. 

Contact: Rhoda Akua Ameyaa

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Aikido Club

The purpose of Aikido Club is to offer Aikido classes to the students of Bryn Mawr. Aikido is a defensive Japanese martial art. It works for all body types because it does not rely on brute strength. Rather, the techniques utilize the energy of the attacker against them. Aikido also has a beautiful and profound philosophy of ending conflicts without unnecessary violence. Aikido Club is open to people of all skill levels, including complete beginners. If you are interested or have any questions, please email Rosa Bieber-Stanley at

Contact: Rosa Bieber-Stanley 

*Bi-Co Gymnastics Club

We are a Bi-Co group of students that work out at Upper Merion Dance & Gymnastics Academy in King of Prussia, PA. The group is comprised of former competitive gymnasts, enthusiastic newcomers, and just about everything in between. We aim to open the sport to a wider audience and provide an opportunity for Bryn Mawr and Haverford students to use gymnastics equipment. We will help members at any level to improve their gymnastics skills by increasing flexibility, strength, courage, and skill level.  


Bryn Mawr Rock Climbing

The purpose of this club is to make rock climbing accessible to Bryn Mawr College students. We would like to have weekly or bi-weekly trips to Philadelphia Rock Gym (East Falls). This will allow students the opportunity to either try rock climbing for the first time, or to further develop their climbing skills. We have many students who have never had the opportunity to climb before and who are incredibly excited to get the chance. Climbing is an activity that improves quality of life and may help students lead happier, healthier lives. Not only does it significantly improve physical strength and agility, it also increases mental strength, reduces stress, teaches valuable life skills, and gives a deeper respect for the environment. We emphasize those traits not only through our weekly trips, but also through skills lessons that help beginning climbers become more thoughtful, efficient, and powerful climbers

Contact: Enora Rice

*Equestrian Club

We offer horseback riding lessons for people of all levels!

Contact: Paula Kissinger

Fencing Club

The Bryn Mawr College Fencing Club is open to all students of Bryn Mawr College and seeks to teach and practice the sport of fencing in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. We offer instruction in all three weapons: foil, epee, and sabre. We welcome both students with previous fencing experience and those completely new to the sport! We have two professional coaches who teaches three practices a week, and we attend several competitive tournaments over the course of the year. The club has equipment for members to use. Students are provided with P.E. credit for participation.

Contact: Talia BarNoy

*Judo Club

The Judo Club is open to the Bi-Co and welcomes everyone looking for a fun and exciting sport to build a community of judo members. No experience is necessary. We would love to see you and learn with you! If you have any questions, contact

Contact: Tessa Eisen

Laid Back Runners

Our purpose is to foster a safe loving judgement free community for people who love running.

Contact: Sophie Khanna

Bryn Mawr College Powerlifting Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to connect students of Bryn Mawr College through the sport of Powerlifting. Our goal is to build confidence and strength on the three main lifts, which are squat, bench, and deadlift. We strive to create an inclusive environment for all members in order for every member to be comfortable. Members will have the opportunity to compete at a Powerlifting meet.  

Contact: Judy Wang

Recreational Sports Club

Recreational Sports Club is dedicated to the longstanding college tradition of teamwork, honor, valor, and verisimilitude. Our association pledge to foster community, bonding over our shared zeal for activity. RSC recruits can expect a bubbling social outlet, family, and fun. Activities include, but are not limited to: -Badminton -Table Tennis/Foosball -Hiking -Water games including slip and slide -Soccer -Basketball  We are looking forward to meeting you all and hope to see you on the pitch! Bring water and comfy shoes :) 

Contact: Purnima Patawat

The Ski and Snowboard Club

The Ski and Snowboard Club is open to all students of Bryn Mawr College who seek to learn and practice skiing and snowboarding. We aim to provide a friendly and playful environment for people who love snow! Days trips will be available for sign-up during the season.

Bi-Co Sneetches Ultimate Frisbee

We are a bi-co ultimate frisbee team that plays in a national league designated as a “women’s” league, but our team is open to all marginalized genders, including women, non-binary people, and trans men.  

Contact: Helen Xiu

Table Tennis Club

The BMC table tennis club is a club sport.  It is open to all levels and all classes. From a purely recreational club, it has morphed into a competitive sport where a team participates in NCTTA championships. We participated in NCTTA championships and made it to regionals. The club is made up of both competitive and recreational players. All are welcome and encouraged to join. If you can make it to at least 10 practice sessions each semester, you can earn 1 PE credit per year.  Practices are usually held on weekends or Friday in the evening for 2 hours.This semester, we will be holding in-person practices, and we will be traveling for competition play. We will spend this semester trying to coordinate with Haverford to try to set up a Bi-Co table tennis partnership and purchase more tables.  If you like to play, but don’t have time for varsity sports, please consider joining us. It’s fun, relaxing, and you get exercise.  

Contact: Sania Ahmed

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