Film Screenings

Student organizations or any individual student are not permitted to show a film which does not carry a Public Performance license on campus in a public forum. Showing a film in public without a Public Performance license is a violation of the Copyright Revision Act of 1976.

Films rented from local video stores, mail order services or purchased in a retail outlet do not carry Public Performance licenses. These films are licensed for personal use only. Students cannot show films rented or purchased from any retail outlet in a public forum on campus. Information on Copyright Law from Swank Motion Pictures.

The College maintains a contract with Swank Motion Pictures for Registered Student Clubs that receive funding through SGA to obtain films for screening in a public forum. Swank is the authorized public performance licensor for a majority of Hollywood studios.

The Bryn Mawr College library has a selection of documentary films with public performance license included. Search Tripod for keyword "public performance bryn mawr." If the College holds the public performance license the record will state: "BRYN MAWR: Library copy purchased with public performance rights." Remember, this is for documentary films only. The library does not have any feature films with public performance rights.

The majority of films under the College's contract with Swank are provided to the Bryn Mawr Film Series for their weekly film screenings. However, there is a limited number available to student organizations.

Registered Student Clubs which receive funding through SGA can request one film per semester free of charge. Please be aware that Swank does not carry all films. If you want to show a film that Swank does not carry it may be possible, however; it will not be free and may cost your organization several hundred dollars for temporary access to the Public Performance license if the licensor can be contacted.

If you would like to reserve a film, please complete the Film Request Form two weeks prior to your screening date.

It will take two weeks for your film to arrive on campus. Requests for films less than two weeks from the screening date will not be honored.

When the requested film arrives, you will be contacted and must come to Student Engagement and New Student Programs in Guild to pick up the film. The film must be returned to the office no later than noon on the next business day after the showing. Because the College does not own the film, the student organization requesting the film will be liable for all costs of replacement should the film be lost while in their possession.

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