Party Planning

In order to host a party at Bryn Mawr all students must review the Party Policy, Alcohol and Drug Policy, and successfully complete Party Training each academic year.  

Party Forms and Public Space Notification Forms must be submitted to Student Engagement in the Campus Center two weeks before the party. Please see below for Party Training sessions which all students who wish to be a host, server, or bouncer must successfully complete each academic year. 

Bryn Mawr College Alcohol, Drug, and Party Policies


Party Training Sessions
Date Time Location
September 11 5:30pm Carpenter 25
September 27 4pm Carpenter 25
October 2 6pm Carpenter 25
October 11 5:30pm Carpenter 25
October 24 6pm Carpenter 25
October 26 4pm Carpenter 25
November 9 4pm Carpenter 25
November 27 5:30pm Carpenter 25
December 1 5:30pm Carpenter 25
December 16 4pm Carpenter 25

Forms are due 2 weeks prior to the event planned.