Conferences are 60- or 90-minute conversations with a friendly peer about work in progress. Writers can schedule conferences at any point in the writing process, whether they've just received an assignment or already have a complete draft.

What is a conference like?

Tutors are smart, general readers. They ask questions to help you clarify your thinking and share their understanding of what's written on the page so that you can decide whether your meaning is accurately conveyed. They suggest options and strategies for planning, drafting, and revising. Their goal is to help you not only to finish the current assignment, but also to learn strategies that you can use again in the future.

How do I meet with a tutor?

1. Create an account on our online schedule and log on.

The white rectangles are available appointment times. You can use the dropdown menu at the top of the schedule to view only the hours of "specialist" tutors, such as public speaking tutors, foreign language tutors, or a multilingual writing specialist.

2. Click on an available appointment to view the appointment pop-up window and read the tutor's bio.

3. Fill in the fields on the pop-up window. Explain what you want to accomplish during the conference.

Please learn how to make the most of your conference and read our policies before your first visit.

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