English, 7-12

Students must major in Literatures in English. Comparative Literature majors studying English and American literature may also enroll. Students must engage in coursework that addresses the State's expectation that English teachers know about languages/linguistics: linguistic change, etymology, and processes of word formation; variation; dialects, registers (languages used within different groups and settings); semantics; syntax; word order and sentence structure; and grammatical/linguistic theories and practice, such as by taking ENGL H213a: Inventing [the] English or an introductory linguistics course.

Special note to Bryn Mawr Literatures in English majors: Like all Literatures in English majors at Bryn Mawr, senior Literatures in English majors on the teacher certification submit a thesis proposal in November. Unlike other senior majors, however, a senior on the teacher certification track must draft 10 pages of her thesis over winter break, several weeks before other English majors submit their drafts.

Special note to Haverford English majors: The Haverford English Department expects seniors on the teacher certification track to return from winter break with a complete first draft of his or her English senior thesis.


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