Science, 7-12


Students must major in biology, integrating into their major course plan the following:

  • Coursework in physics and mathematics
  • BIOL B210 (Biology and Public Policy)

We recommend these courses for those who major at Bryn Mawr: BIOL B201, B236 or B255; BIOL B220 and BIOL B271. For Haverford majors, we recommend coursework in ecology, such as BIOL B220.


Students must major in chemistry.

Earth and Space Sciences

Students must major in geology. As part of or in addition to their major, they must also take:

  • A semester of biology relating to the topics in Earth Science, such as BIOL 220 (pre-req of BIOL 110 or 111 or permission of instructor)
  • A semester of chemistry, such as CHEM 103
  • A semester of physics, such as PHYS 101
  • A semester of astronomy, such as GEOL 350 when it relates to astronomy, or an astronomy course at Haverford.


Students must major in physics, integrating into their major course plan a course in chemistry. Physics majors at Haverford should also integrate into their major course plan PHYS H302 and PHYS H303.


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