Microaggression Reporting

Microaggression Reporting and Response Team for the Department of Mathematics 

The Department of Mathematics is committed to making its classrooms and all departmental forums equitable and inclusive. One of several steps we are taking is to establish a pilot program of a Microaggression Report Form and Microaggression Response Team. Through this program, the Department of Mathematics hopes to raise awareness and decrease the incidence of microaggressions. 

While forms and response teams are important first steps, we hope that this pilot will lead to and support ongoing dialogue about how to create inclusive and equitable spaces and practices for learning.   

We welcome suggestions on how to improve the process. 

What is a Microaggression? 

A dictionary defines a microaggression as a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic minority. 

How does one report a microaggression for the Department of Mathematics? 

Click here to anonymously report a microaggression. There is an option to include your name if you want the Response Team to contact you.  

Who makes up the Microaggression Response Team? 

The Response Team consists of the following individuals: 

  • Victor Donnay (current Chair of Mathematics) 
  • Lisa Traynor (past Chair of Mathematics) 
  • Amy Myers (Math Program Director) 

The Response Team has committed to obtaining online training in microaggressions. This microaggression reporting and response complements Bryn Mawr College’s established Bias Report Form and a Bias Response Team. Click here to learn more. More serious incidents will be reported to that response team.  

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