Honors in Mathematics

A degree with honors in mathematics will be awarded by the Department to students who complete the major in mathematics and also meet the following further requirements:

  • at least two additional units of work at the 300 level or above (which may include one or two units of MATH 400 or MATH 403);

  • a grade point average of at least 3.6, calculated using the grades from 10 math courses: the six math core courses and the highest grades in four math electives (excluding 400-level);

  • grades of 3.7 or 4.0 in all 400-level math courses;

  • completion of a commendable project consisting of a written thesis and an oral presentation of the thesis.

Honors Theses


Student Title of Thesis Adviser
Adanye, Lisa Cost-Benefit Analysis of LED Conversion Donnay
Gordon-Washington, Li Exploring Applications of Arbitrage: Finding Arbitrage Opportunities in a Financial Context and Exploiting Market Inefficiencies in Parimutuel Horse Races Cheng
Helson, Augustus  Mathematics of Photoelasticimetry and Numerical Operation of the Photoelastic Grain Solver Cheng/Brzinski (HC)
Hernandez, Yesenia  Improved Computational Approach to Measuring the Tightness of Molecular Knots Francl/Myer 
Lei, Jasmine  Chaotic Dynamical Systems: Theory and Visualization Cheng/Normoyle
Nation, Alishia The Prisoners' Dilemma Cheng
Nguyen, Minh Anh Black-Scholes Partial Differential Equation: Solution and Applications Cheng
Robinson, Catherine The Sum of the Products of Four Kloosterman Sums Milićević
Rodrigues, Lola Combinatorial Games: Nim, Wythoff's Game, Tape Dominoes, Simple Blokus Cheng
Shibeshi, Hayat Valuation of Options Cheng
Tarsala, Rosalie Modeling Diabetes Using Symbolic Regression Techniques Graham
Wang, Veronica Mathematics of Hedging Cheng


Student Title of Thesis Adviser
Ali, Laila Pricing Perpetual Barrier Options on Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson Stocks Using Microsoft Excel Cheng
Bachrach, Sidney Discrete Fourier Analysis Cheng
Cruz, Marye An Application of Survival Model in Insurance Cheng
Duong, Trang Numerical Modeling with Iterative Methods for Ground Water Flow Equation Donnay
Eckert, Allison Trace Obstructions of Equidistributed Holonomy Milićević
Ghazi, Zaynab Lp Estimates for Oscillatory Integral Operators and Hörmander's Theorem Cheng
Hewitt, Amirah GBM Modeling of Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Stocks Cheng
Jin, Valerie The Mathematical Approach to Medical Imaging Cheng
Luo, Jocelyn The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives Cheng
Najera, América Valuation of Options Cheng
Nguruve, Tino Portfolio Optimization Cheng
Shevchuk, Olga Application of Dual Quaternions to Skinning of Characters Traynor/Normoyle


Student Title of Thesis Adviser
Chen, Sandy The Distribution of Greatest Common Divisor of Elements in Z[√2] Bergdall 
Coe, Katie Mathematical Modeling of Pulmonary Thrombosis in COVID-19 Graham
Dhital, Aakriti Bond Pricing Models Cheng
Hall, Samantha  Computationally Modeling the Human Complement System to Predict SARS-CoV-2 Immune Response Cheng/Radhakrishnan (UPenn)
Hamrick, Grayson  Energy Investing: Comparing Renewable and Fossil Energy Company Stock Prices Using the Binomial Tree Model  Cheng
Hu, Zhuoran Valuation of Asian Options Cheng
Jepkirui, Edith Valuation of Barrier Options Cheng
Li, Ziyi Comparison of Hull-White Algorithm and Geometric Brownian Motion Using Six Chinese Stocks Cheng
Lu, Jiayang Arbitrage Theorems and Their Applications Cheng
Ndichu, Joan American versus European Options Cheng
Nguyen, Hien Mai The Mathematics of Medical Imaging Cheng
Xu, Peiran Optimal Control Problems Traynor
Yang, Liwei Modeling Cause of beta-amyloid Induced Alzheimer's Disease and Its Potential Treatment Graham


Student Title of Thesis Adviser
Fisher, Shannon Modeling Air Pollution in Philadelphia Using Gaussian Plume Model and Diffusion Equations Donnay
Jeong, Blossom Transverse Unknotting Number and Family Trees Traynor
Lee, Ellie Modeling Anchovy Interactions in the Puget Sound” Graham
Lin, Irene Effectiveness of Isolation and Quarantine for COVID-19 in Wuhan from November 17, 2019 to March 31, 2020 Graham
Murray-Bruce, Meagan Mortality Modeling of NBA Players Cheng
Oranekwu, Ody Modeling Ebola Virus in West Africa using Differential Equations Donnay
Wang, Shuning Portfolio Management Cheng
Wei, Xiya Predicting Stock Prices Using Mathematical Models Cheng
Zheng, Zhi Stock Price Prediction for FAANG Stocks Cheng
Zhong, Maggie Option Pricing and Hedging Strategies Cheng


Student Title of Thesis Adviser
Basu, Namrata Predicting Stock Prices of Indian Pharmaceutical Companies Cheng
Dangol, Romy An Analysis of the Relationship between Stock Market Development and Economic Growth in Nepal Cheng
Duan, Junyan Modeling the Development and Transmission of HIV Donnay
Meacham, Natalie Fitzhugh-Nagumo Analysis, Hodgkin-Huxley Models, and Applications in GnRH Secretion Donnay
Reiffen, Leslie A Broad Overview of the Discrete Wavelet Transform in NMR Signal Processing Cheng
Siraj, Mehendi Arbitrage in Financial Markets Cheng
Wang, Xingya An Introduction to Khovanov Homology and Related Knot Invariants Melvin


Student Title of Thesis Adviser
Benedetto, Dina Optimal Control Theory: Finding the Optimal Cancer Treatment Protocol for Various Anti-Cancer Approaches Graham
Nguyen, Linh Portfolio Selection Problem: Optimal Portfolio and Minimum Analysis Approach Cheng
Nguyen, Phuong

An Application of Queueing Theory: Optimizing Queues at JFK Airport

Nguyen, Thu Valuation and Hedging of Barrier Options Cheng
Rendleman, Hunter Mathematical Methods of Studying Disease: Formal and Statistical Approaches Cheng
Sheng, Yu On Some Supercongruence Conjectures for Hypergeometric Series Milićević
Terry, Rachel Valuation of Lookback Options on LVMH Stock Cheng
Wang, Wenqi Persistent Homology: From Data to Barcodes Melvin


Student Title of Thesis Adviser
Bai, Yiling Pricing Up-And-Out Call Options Cheng
Ball, Prianka An Analysis of the Viability of Wind Turbines Donnay
He, Tianyi Valuation of Lookback Options Cheng
Kaplan-Kelly, Rose Multi-crossing Projections of Legendrian Knots Traynor
Li, Jingling Well-Quasi Ordering and its Relation to Terminating Rewrite System Cheng
Mildenhall, Westley Chaotic Systems of Geodesics on Surfaces of Revolution Donnay
Qu, Kewei Well-Quasi Ordering and Confluence Cheng
Wang, Yichen Generalized Two-parameter Exponential Distribution and its Parameter Estimation Cheng


Student Title of Thesis Adviser
Geng, Xiaoqi Estimation Maximization Algorithm: Its Application and Implementation in R Nancy Zhang at UPenn
Koukoutchos, Melina Harshad Numbers and Shantid Numbers Grundman
Lin, Bingxi Persistent Homology and Its Application to Data Analysis Melvin
Manhartova, Zuzana Financial Models: Theory with Examples using Real Data Cheng
Mohattane, Yamina Applications of the Hull-White One-Factor Model Cheng
Sun, Shuhong (Paula) An Introduction to Computational Persistent Homology Melvin
Tang, Siran Portfolio Management with a Focus on Monte Carlo Simulation Cheng
Williams, Simon Generalizations of Happy Numbers Grundman
Wu, Wanqing Immunological HIV/AIDS Modeling and Tumor Modeling Donnay
Yan, Ziyi Geometric Brownian Motion in Financial Mathematics Cheng
Zhai, Yuping A Development of Basic Stochastic Calculus and its Applications Cheng


Capovilla-Searle, Orsola Surgery Strings of Legendrian Knots Traynor
Dong, Xinyuan Stock Price Movement:  Simulations and Theories Cheng
Johnson, Madeleine Geodesic Path of a Surface of Revolution Donnay
Li, Lydia New p-adic Sextic Supercongruences of Ramanujan Type


Liu, Yifan Valuation of American Options Cheng
Luo, Danqi Option Valuation Under Risk Neutral Measures Cheng
Narasimhan, Swetha Analyzing Music Through Geometry Traynor
Preziuso, Danielle Powering Our Future with Sun and Wind:  A Renewable Energy Model for Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania Donnay
Ramaswamy, Lipika Fixed Point Theorems and Applications to Economics Traynor
Tang, Jessie Mathematical Modeling of Ebola Donnay


Ahsin, Taha A Development of Basic Stochastic Calculus and Its Applications Cheng
Curl, Emelie The Omega Primality Function in Consecutively Generated Embedding Dimension Three Monoids, or How Studying Chicken McNuggets Helped Me Explain Complex Algebraic Structure Cheng
Mirbey, Jeanne The Mathematics of Medical Imaging Cheng
Oh, Sookyung Brownian Motion Cheng
Shrestha, Kriti Incomplete Character Sums


Zhao, Sophie City Network: The Dynamics of Location, Education, and Production Traynor


Ammar, Lynne Harmonic Analysis:  the bounded Oscillatory Integrals Cheng
Boranda, Bianca Games, Games, Games:  Multistage Stochastic Games Traynor
Ha, Hoang Gonorrhea Transmission Dynamic and Netlogo Simulation Donnay
Jiang, Hao Introduction of Valuation of Financial Derivatives Cheng
Kang, Sunny Lp Estimates for a Certain Class of Oscillatory Integral Operators Cheng
Martinez, Brenda Netlogo Simulations of HPV Donnay
Neal, Meagan Reproducing Kernal Hilbert Spaces in Multi-Task Machine Learning Cheng (jointly with Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science Eric Eaton)
Pandya, Meghan Symmetry in Dance and Art:  Group Theory and its Applications Cheng
Pradhan, Alisha Hedging using Options and Futures Cheng
Weinstein, Hannah Mathematical Modeling of West Nile Virus and Climate Change Donnay
Wu, Qian Cooperative Games and the Nash Bargaining Model Traynor
Xie, Pan Stochastic Process and Option Pricing Models Cheng
Yan, Shuning The Set of Signed Unknotting Numbers Traynor


Dunusinghe, Kaushiki An Analysis of Energy Use in Bryn Mawr College Buildings Donnay
Hien, Winnie Vanilla and Exotic Options:  Valuation and Hedging Cheng
Link, Katie Guinea Worm Disease:  Opening a mathematical can of worms Donnay
Murphy, Aidan An Inverse Zero-Sum Conjecture Grundman
Nelson, Sarah Valuation of Options Cheng
Owens, Catherine A Theorem on the Weighted Davenport constant Grundman
Savage, Jennifer Oscillatory intergral Operators and Improved Hormander's Theorem Cheng
Wu, Tong Options, Hedging and Portfolio Management Cheng


Azuma, Bethany Construction of Smooth Curves and Surfaces Melvin
Bereznak, Sasha Valuation of Barrier Options Cheng
Caniglia, Ellie Modeling the Joint Epidemics of HIV and TB Donnay
Davidson, Sara Mathematics in Medical Imaging Cheng
Dewar, Romy Valuation of Options and Hedging Cheng
Kumar, Anagha Valuation of European and American Call Options Cheng
Lee, Alex Configuration Spaces of Graphs Traynor
Mirbey, Adele Mathematics in Crystallography Cheng
Panosia, Alison Using Phylogenetic Trees to Understand the Evolution of Genes Traynor


Iles, Caitlin HIV - A Controllable Disease Donnay
Hamermesh, Naomi Mathematical Modeling of Climate Change:  Examining the Diurnal Temperature Range Donnay
Martin, Alyssa The Mathematics of Catastrophe Risk Cheng
Raj, Leah Why ESPN Needs More Mathematicians Cheng
Van Sciver, Alicia Options on Futures Cheng


Brown, Jillian Mathematically Modeling the Immunological Spread of HIV/AIDS Donnay
Durante, Catherine Analysis of the Black Scholes Model:  An Imperative in Option Pricing Cheng
Hayde, Kendra Fingerprint Compression using Wavelets Cheng
Lu, Amanda Valuation of Barrier Options Cheng
Macko, Melania Bond Pricing Cheng
Waterhouse, Hannah Climate Changes, Fisheries, and Mathematical Modeling Donnay


Edwalds, Melanie Geometric and Topological properties of the Mobius Band   Melvin
Feldman, Dena Langevin Equations:  Modeling Particle Motion and Trail Formation    
Krieger, Jody Analysis of the Black-Scholes Model:  A Catalyst for Financial Mathematics   Cheng
Redzic, Milena Helffer-Sjostrand Proof of the Spectral Theorem   Hughes


Haymaker, Katie Isospectral Lattices and Quadratic Forms   Melvin
Huynh, Huong The Mathematical Dissection of Social Networks   Donnay
O'Brien, Genevieve Stein Spectral Theorem for Compact Hermitian Operators   Kasius
Petonic, Cara Intrinsic Linking Numbers of Complete Graphs   Melvin
Porreca, Camille Bounded Mean Oscillation Space   Cheng
Tang, Danny Thurston-Bennequin Bound of Legendrian Links   Melvin
Won, Priscilla Social Network Analysis:  Applications to School District Management   Donnay


Benfold, Nicole Simplest Cubic Fields and Class Numbers Grundman
Do, Cindy Credit Risk Management Stromquist
Hammer, Emily Stable Solvability of a Family of Quartic Thue Equations Grundman



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